View Full Version : Sick Pig still getting sick after 3 2+week rounds of antibiotics.

12-29-12, 04:17 pm
So Percy got sick a couple months ago with sneezing, wiping his nose, nose dripping and wheezing. So I took him to the vet and he got a 2 week dose of Baytril. While he was on the Baytril, there was no drippy nose, no wheezing when he breathed, but he still sneezed. Within a couple days of being off the Baytril, he went back to severe wheezing and getting very lethargic. I went back to the vet, and got him another round of Baytril. The same thing happened. Better on the Baytril, normal energy/eating levels, still sneezing- but within a few days of finishing the 2nd round of Baytril, he went back to heavy wheezing and being lethargic again. This time I took him to the vet who said he'd perscribe another round of Baytril, but said there was a possibility of polyups? on his lungs and that he might have to be on antibiotics the rest of his life! Again the same thing happened with the third round of Baytril, fine but still sneezing, then sick again within a couple days of being off antibiotics. This time I asked the vet if we could try another antibiotic. So he perscribed Metronidazol which I've been giving him for 3 days now and again Percy is back to his normal energy and eating levels, but he's STILL sneezing!!!

The 'wheezing' he gets when he's off antibiotics is more of a congested snoring sound rather than a higher pitched breathing sound.

I'm starting to be at my wits end with this. I just want him better. I've had this vet for 6 years and up to this point he's been very good with my pigs. I just don't know what to do now. Could it really be that Percy will have to be on antibiotics forever? I've never heard of that before, and I'm worried because that's going to get expensive really fast. :(

I just don't know what to do....

12-31-12, 03:20 pm
I would ask the vet if you can give him two at once. It's worked well for a couple of the pigs here--chloramphenicol and Bactrim is what I am giving a rescue pig right now who had been on Bactrim alone and Baytril alone with no clear results. I have even used Bactrim and Baytril together once.

Has he had an xray yet? It would show polyps, I believe, or if there were any infection in the lungs.

01-01-13, 12:40 am
I am so sorry to hear this! Believe me, I know the frustration of trying to figure out whats going on! Hang in there though. I would recommend trying another vet, just in case. Getting a 2nd opinion is better than just continuing the antibiotics forever. Even great vets do make mistakes sometimes or overlook things. Also, did they rule out a possible allergy?I dont know anything about polyups but I would do a lot of research and see what can be done to diagnose/treat, etc them. I always think its important that you do a lot of research on your own and if you think you have found anything or have more questions, contact the vet. Also, continue to watch him very carefully with antibiotics. He, I assume, has done fine with them but some pigs, like mine, have horrible side effects. I'm sorry I'm not much help but really, hang in there!