View Full Version : Chewing Is my hay rack too high?

12-29-12, 10:22 am
I'm just curios if their hay rack is too high. If I lower it, they tend to climb up in it, and I heard this kind can be dangerous if that happens. What do you think? Any advice is appreciated. :)

12-29-12, 10:25 am
It looks fine to me :)

12-29-12, 11:09 am
As they munch on hay all throughout the day, I think it would become uncomfortable to always tilt your head upwards the way they're forced to do. Naturally, they are made to eat off of the ground.

Look up haybags on etsy, they come in various colors & you hang them in a comfortable height. They prevent wasted hay, and dust collects at the bottom of the bag keeping the fleece cleaner.

12-29-12, 04:37 pm
Here's a shot of the hay box I have for my pigs. they're in a 2x5 C & C and the hay box is 1x2 and made of coro. They love to eat and sleep in it. It's much more natural for them than stretching up high like that. There is more "wasted" hay, but they love to burrow in it, and popcorn every time I clean and refill the box. It takes so little to make them happy!


12-29-12, 05:08 pm
It's not too high but you could cram the hay down into it more.