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12-27-12, 08:44 pm
Hi, I'm new to this site but not new to owning Guinea Pigs. However, I have never had one "die" on me before. I adopted Fixit from a friend of mine this past October and she had adopted him from someone else. When she got him, I noticed a big large tumor or cyst near his private area. The person she adopted it from said she had took him to the vet and the vet said it was not cancerous. However this big knot has never went away. Fast forward to now, when I first got him he would eat carrots and even baby kale at first. Just the past two weeks I've noticed a decline in his eating and drinking habits, blood on his fleece near his water bottle and he's not squeaking like he used to. Instead he hides in his pigloo, chatters, and now today he has drainage coming out of his eyes.

He's 8 or 9 years old...we don't know exactly how old he is. He's barely drank any water the past two days, his food dish is still full from this morning and his hay is untouched. Am I right to assume he is possibly dying? My 4 1/2 year old daughter is going to be so crushed as I will be because I have this love for animals where I cry if I see a squirrel or a cat dead on the road...I can't take him to the vet-we have just too much coming out right now. I've never had this happen before to me. How will I know if he's passed? I don't have anyone else to ask...if anyone can help me out, please respond.

12-27-12, 08:53 pm
I wouldn't give up on the little guy before taking him to the vets to see if there is nothing you can do at all, and if it is just old age; because I personally wouldn't like an piggie to die and have doubts that If I'd taken him to the vets he could of lived longer.

Piggies need to eat all the time, not eating is not good.
But he is an old fella, so if you can not get him treated (if that is something that is possible) then it might be a good idea to either get him humanely euthanized or find someone who can pay for the vet treatments (a rescue or someone that will care for him)

12-27-12, 08:55 pm
First of all, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation. I haven't had any animals of my own that have died yet but I think given his age, it's very possible. If you are seeing blood and he's not eating it is probably too late to help him. If you really don't have enough money to take him to the vet and get him looked at to see what the problem is, AT LEAST put him out of his misery and have him humanely euthanized. It is cruel to make him suffer.

12-27-12, 09:07 pm
Thanks for your responses. I can't tell if he is in any pain unless his chattering is the sign I just wanted him to have a good life. I knew they only live til 8 or 9 but was hoping he'd be diff and live longer. Guess ill find a vet Tom and see what they can do.

12-27-12, 09:09 pm
So, at that age - he might be dying and if he isn't eating ... I don't think the dying process would take too long given the info I read on Guinea Lynx. (although I could be mistaken)
From Guinea Lynx: If your guinea pig has stopped eating (shown little or no interest in food over a 6 to 12 hour period, with a drop in elimination and urine), it is imperative that you see a vet to treat the cause and start working immediately to get food moving through the system. Some conditions like torsion or blockage MUST be treated before feeding.
Suggestion: You could try syringe feeding just to give you some time to figure things out.

I'm sorry that your guinea pig isn't doing well, what you are going through is tough!! It's a difficult thing to go through but atleast this forum exists. There is lots of support on this forum!!
- Helena

12-27-12, 09:11 pm
First off, I just want to say that I'm very sorry that you have to go through this. Losing a pet is a terrible thing for anyone, and I know that it is stressful and heartbreaking. But if you think about it, we are so blessed to be able to live the time that we have with them, however short, that it makes up for the pain of loss. Memories of loving times with a pet are some of the best things that we as humans can have.

I would recommend trying to get him some Oxbow Critical Care via syringe if you can, before the vet visit. Good luck! Praying for your pigger.

12-27-12, 09:15 pm
Actually, the average lifespan is 5-7 years so 9 years old is quite the senior pig. If you've never had one die on you before, it's good to know that all the ones you've had are still alive but you might indeed be facing exactly that. It could be that he has a URI which can cause a loss of appetite and the drainage you mentioned. Have you been weighing him regularly? Usually weight loss is the only symptom that they cannot hide when something is wrong. Other symptoms will show up but usually when it's almost too late to do anything.

12-28-12, 12:43 am
Yea fixit is pretty old. I don't have a scale in our house but from memory I know he has lost weight. Top it all off now I'm at the ER with my daughter she is running a fever and constantly coughing. Sick piggie, sick kiddie. How can I tell if fixit is in pain he doesn't cry at night he's completely quiet except occ chattering. I would like for him to pass away in our home as long as he not in any pain so his last day he in a living home versus at a vet given the final shot. Thanks for all your responses I do appreciate each and every one.

12-28-12, 12:47 am
I am sorry I can't be of much help but I just wanted to say I am really sorry for everything going on. I hope everything turns out for the best with your piggy and your daughter gets better soon.

12-28-12, 01:07 am
Thanks. Very kind of you to respond. I'm just happy that I could give fixit a good life even if only a few months.

12-28-12, 01:12 am
I am sorry you are busy with your daughter at the doctor now, but your guinea pig really needs to be at the doctor, too. You have no way of knowing what's wrong with him. How long has he been sick? You really don't even know what the lump is. This pig needs to see a vet, either to find out what's wrong and fix it or have him humanely euthanized.

12-28-12, 03:22 pm
Well he ended up passing away this afternoon. He had only been sick for 2 weeks. My daughter has pnuemonia and I didn't have any chance to contact a vet because my daughter comes first naturally above all. The lump was checked out by a vet prior to my friend getting Fixit and they said it was not cancerous.

12-28-12, 03:39 pm
Well he ended up passing away this afternoon. He had only been sick for 2 weeks. My daughter has pnuemonia and I didn't have any chance to contact a vet because my daughter comes first naturally above all. The lump was checked out by a vet prior to my friend getting Fixit and they said it was not cancerous.

He had *only* been sick for two weeks? That's a long time for you to know that your pig is sick. Two weeks is long time for something so small and weak to be ill.

I understand your daughter comes first, but doing nothing for a helpless animal in your care seriously rubs me the wrong way. I don't care how old he was. Vets can take payment plans, you could pawn something of value (and get it back next paycheck), or sought help from someone.

I really don't think people have any business owning an animal they can't afford to take to the vet. I'm not exactly rich either, so I have a vet fund put back for emergencies.

12-28-12, 04:32 pm
So sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts.