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12-27-12, 04:58 pm
I was searching the local kijiji ads and inquired about a pair of girls about a year old I was told and I picked them up lastnight. They are loving their huge C&C cage. they popcorned right away. They were being fed a seed mix food that had pellets in it so i threw that out the second i got home. I have Oxbow pellets, I dont think they were being fed hay. But they have been pigging out on the timothy hay i have. Also bought some orchard hay for them too. They have not gone up their ramp yet :( but i know that can take time. and they get pretty skittish when i put my arms in the cage so i cant really lure them up yet. I was told they are used to being handled but i dont know, the reason she was looking for a new home was because her kids bought them and then of course got tired of them after a couple of months. they looked like they were around 9. anyways The white and tan is Trixie she is a bit more relaxed with me trying to pet her. and the black with the neat tan marking is Abbey. They are sooo cute. look at all those poos they have even been in the cage for 24 hours lol silly pigs






12-27-12, 05:29 pm
Congratulations! They're so cute. I'll bet they love that new cage. Hopefully they'll get the hang of the ramp soon. My girls didn't like their ramp at first, so I loved it with a tunnel. They were fine once it was enclosed, and I eventually removed the tunnel when they got the hang of going up/down since it was harder to clean.

12-27-12, 05:31 pm
Yay! They must really appreciate all that space!

Hope they're settling in okay and don't decide to eat that log in there (it's not good for them).

Love your WoW poster,too. :p

12-27-12, 06:25 pm
i hope i can lure trixie up the ramp with a treat or something and then maybe Abbey will follow. Trixie isnt as skittish. oh and only Abbey bites on the log a little bit but not a lot.

12-27-12, 06:49 pm
Such cute little piggys!!!!
I love your cage! oh and your wow poster *wink*

12-27-12, 06:52 pm
lol ty that wow poster is old. got it with the cataclysm expansion :)