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Pretty Piggies
12-24-12, 06:18 pm
Breeder states the more you buy the cheaper they'll sell it to you. From they looks they are housed in a bucket. GUINEA PIGS (http://dallas.craigslist.org/ftw/grd/3455372357.html)

12-24-12, 06:24 pm
Makes me sick :sick: Flagged.

12-24-12, 07:15 pm
Flagged. That's terrible.

12-26-12, 09:43 am
Flagged. Poor pigs :(

12-29-12, 11:47 pm
poor piggies if no one buys them they are going to stay with the breeder in bad living conditions how wonderful

12-30-12, 12:03 am
Troll, breeder, or both?

12-30-12, 12:12 am
troll? kinda. breeder? i dont think so but my guinea pig is like 60 days pregnant idk if you consider that breeding. both ? i guess if you consider the second answer as breeding

12-30-12, 01:09 am
i dont think so but my guinea pig is like 60 days pregnant idk if you consider that breeding.

If you put the male in with the female (the female got pregnant on your watch while knowing they're a male and female) then yes I'd call that breeding. But if you got her and she was already pregnant then no.

12-30-12, 03:15 am
So sad. Definite breeder. Definitely flagged.

12-30-12, 03:18 am
Thats disgusting. Why would anyone do that? :(

12-30-12, 09:31 am
too keep population going

12-30-12, 09:35 am
too keep population going

Where have you been all your life? There's an overpopulation of guinea pigs in the world. That is why we don't like breeders.

12-30-12, 09:46 am
too keep population going

There is an EXTREME overpopulation of guinea pigs creating an endless cycle of abuse, and if everyone stopped breeding intentionally,
all the accidental litters would keep the population going for a very, very long time.
Once pigs aren't homeless or euthanized in overpopulated shelters, it would be time to responsibly breed again. Now these breeders are very, very rare as genetical testing would be involved, no one would breed for looks alone, and no profit would be made because of all vet costs, care & testing. Still, one in five helpless sows die from breeding.

Read this for more information on responsible breeding:
How to Breed Guinea Pigs (http://www.cavyspirit.com/responsiblebreeder.htm)

As it is today with the overpopulation, we have no responsible good breeders. They do it for selfish reasons alone.
And ESPECIALLY the one mentioned here. By flagging this ad the breeder won't be able to make money on these poor creatures, risking the sows life. If they can't get rid of the pigs, they are prevented from putting more pigs in harms way, preventing more pigs from living in terrible conditions.

With every intentional litter & bought pig, another pig will die homeless in a shelter because of our stupidity & selfishness. We believe these animals deserve better.