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12-24-12, 04:47 pm
Hi, I am new to the forum as well as guinea pigs. My husband and I bought two pigs for our son who is 5 1/2. He named them Rolo and Truffle. Little did we know that Rolo was pregnant when we got her. And to make it even better Truffle is a male, we were told both were female. So we really have our hands full now!! But I am excited to excperiance the birth of the little ones. We plan on keeping all the piggies. Of course males in one cage and females in another.

12-24-12, 04:53 pm
Let me guess a pet store told you that they were both female.. Happen to use with hamsters. We were the prind parent of 15 baby hammies..We called around to see if pet store would take them and they would BUT only to freeze them for food.. WE kept them all. Some didn't live that long. :( Anyways welcome to the forum. Would love to see pigtures of you guinea pigs. Your son must love them..

12-24-12, 04:57 pm
Welcome! I hope all goes well with her pregnancy and I hope you separated them already.
You'll learn a great deal about proper piggy care here. :)
How big is the cage (or cages if you separated them already) that you have set up for them? The cages that they sell at pet stores are FAR too small for even just one piggy and they cost a ridiculous amount.
Did you get the piggies from a pet store? I would like to suggest not doing that in the future and get them from a rescue instead. :) You should probably take them to a vet as soon as you can to make sure they aren't sick. If you did get them from a pet store then there is a chance that they could have a URI (upper respiratory infection) or some other sickness.

I hope you enjoy your time on this forum as much as i do. :)

12-24-12, 05:19 pm
We got them from Craigslist. I was not aware of Guinea pig resuces at the time, or we would have done that. We plan on getting very large cages for them. We are not the kind of people to keep any animal in a tiny cage. We also have a tendency to spoil our animals :-) So trust me, very soon they will have a mansion for a cage. We plan on keeping them all for the same reason. I would not be able to hand over a small baby not knowing if it was truely going to be a pet or food. It would just break my heart. Thanks for all your tips!! I will post pics as soon as I get time. :-)

12-24-12, 05:39 pm
Welcome to the forum. Good luck to the little Mommy-to-be. Do you know if Truffle is the daddy?

12-24-12, 07:51 pm
Welcome! So glad you're going to keep the babies. Be sure to separate Mom before she gives birth as she can get pregnant literally as soon as the babies are born. Piggies are quite prolific. The babies can start breeding as early as 3-4 weeks too.

Definitely post pigtures of your new family members! You'll learn a lot here as you go through the gestation. It's the best site for learning about piggy care.

Craigslist is normally a good place for piggie adoption (it's where I got my Amy), but you pretty much have to double check piggie sex when you get them anywhere other than a knowledgeable rescue. I adopted my Boaat (RIP) from a shelter and he was was missexed, but thankfully I found out soon enough to prevent pups.

12-26-12, 08:12 pm
I'm not sure if Truffle is the daddy, but there is a good chance he is. I can now see the babies moving in her and I think her pelvic bones are about a finger width apart.

12-26-12, 08:13 pm
Have you separated them yet?

It'd be a good idea to look for a cavy vet as piggy pregnancy's are risky with the sows have a 1 in 5 chance of not making, so having a good vet on hand in-case something goes wrong is really needed.

12-26-12, 08:41 pm
Looking for one now. And yes I did separate them. Thank you!