View Full Version : Pellet bedding?

12-24-12, 02:45 am
Hi! I finally got my guinea pig and named her Clover. :) She's the sweetest thing. She's a teddy and is three months old, white with light brown patches. She's got a great temperament and is perfect in every way. But I have a question- they don't sell CareFresh here so I use Cats Universal, a pellet bedding, and I was wondering if it would cause a URI. I want the best for her which is why I'm asking. Responses highly appreciated. :)

12-24-12, 04:31 am
Used this before, it is safe. Plain wood pellets are much cheaper and work the same, however, if you have access to them. :)

ETA: Any bedding has the potential to increase the risk of URI. Make sure the cage is spot cleaned regularly to get rid of wet patches, and ensure the cage gets plenty of ventilation.

12-24-12, 06:11 am
Hai! I would reccomend geting her a little buddy, that is the best thing to go with piggies!

12-24-12, 09:21 am
I agree, looking into a buddy is nice.

If you're concerned about uri's, why not investigate fleece?

I absolutely love it, but it's not for everyone.