View Full Version : Holla! City of Squala!

12-23-12, 11:33 pm
Did that get your attention? Anywho.....I'm a new owner. Just got my piggy 3 weeks ago. The only other pet I have is a chicken so I thought it was time for me to get a new friend. Her name is Stiles. I was browsing through PetSmart looking to get a bird but when I saw they had brought in guinea pigs my plan changed. I bought her with a starter kit since it came with everything I needed. Didn't know about C&C cages until now so I modified the cage to make it less crowded. Took out the 2nd level and ramp, put in a smaller food bowl, added a hay rack, and a small forest. I also bought an excercise pen for her to stretch her legs and a tunnel to run through. When the new year starts I plan on getting a 2x3 1/2 C&C cage and attaching the store bought cage to it (throwing it away would be a waste of $60.00!). Along with the new cage will be a new piggy! She's lonely and doesn't do much and I'm guessing it's due to not having someone to play with. I guess that's it. Group hug if you view this!

12-24-12, 12:54 am
Welcome! Sounds like a good plan! I would have friend on the top of my list! Congrats on the Guinea Pig!