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12-22-12, 02:44 pm
I just switched to a c&c cage with a kitchen area with carefresh and living area with fleece and uhaul liner. Charlie is a 5 month old female who was by herself because she did not get along with other pigs when I adopted her. ( She was all by herself in a cage so sad i knew she was for me :) ).I will adopt again but I want Charlie to get accustomed to my home and people, as well as build trust. I literally have had her in the new c&c cage for 2 days. She's eating and drinking, pooping and peeing, comes running out when she hears the hay bag crinkle. But I notice she's staying in her igloo a lot. Could it be traumatic moving to a new cage maybe? Or maybe she's all toasty warm with the new fleece and I'm worried for nothing? Has anyone made a big switch and maybe she just needs time to get used to it? Any suggestions???

12-22-12, 02:47 pm
I think she just needs to get used to it. My pigs stayed away from people first for about a week when they got into their cage....It's just the was they are, Prey animals. They seek places to hide. Just don't worry. She'll come round. Just keep talking to her, petting her, she'll warm up!

12-22-12, 02:58 pm
Thank you! I feel better already, whenever I catch her outside I walk over and say hello and a little head rub :)

12-22-12, 03:16 pm
She was just popcorning so now I'm happy! Hahaha I feel like popcorning too now

12-27-12, 05:59 pm
Congrats on your new pig! If there are no other signs of health problems, she is probably just a little spooked over the move and getting used to her new place. Popcorning is definitely a good sign she is already coming around! I have one pig who sleeps out in the open in her hay pile most of the time, but another who will NOT rest anywhere but her pigloo. Different pigs have different comfort levels and different personalities just like us!