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12-16-12, 09:01 am
Hi I am ashleypikachu I'm new to this forum but I have 2 guinea pigs that I have owned for 2 years now.Their names are Cinnamon and Mittens they are both females. I also have a dog and a parakeet. My dog's name is Pikachu and my bird's name is Crystal. I love animals of all kinds. I also play video games in my spare time. Anyway bye

12-17-12, 11:53 pm
Welcome to the forum! Let us know all about your girls. Check out all the great info you will find her that is just for the great care of piggies. All you need for great care and happy healthy pigs is right here. Plus we love pictures.

12-22-12, 12:51 pm
I have parakeets to!!! Their names are Crockett and Luna, They hang up in are kitchen. I also have a piggy named Fables her cage mate died a few months ago and will probably be adopting soon. well anyways please visit some of the forums and ask questions if you have any they always get answered vary quickly Oh yeah and WELCOME!!!