View Full Version : Vet I think Ace might have mites??

12-15-12, 04:35 pm
So lately Ace has been scratching more than usual. He also has had more hair loss than usual. I think he might have mites. My question is, can I treat it with Ivermectin myself? Or should I take him and Chester to the vet? I was there this summer and it was a bit expensice for me. So if it is possible I would like to treat them myself. But if not I could go to the vet again. Any help would be greatly appriciated :)

12-15-12, 07:32 pm
Yes, you can treat it yourself with Ivermectin, you just need to be careful with dosing in order to avoid an overdose. Here is a link which provides dosing information, it's what I used to treat my guinea pigs myself.


12-15-12, 07:58 pm
Thanks so much for the link! I will try and find some Ivermectin and treat them as soon as I can. And one more question, if they don't have mites (I'm not sure if Chester does or not) it's not harmful to treat them anyway right?

12-15-12, 08:00 pm
No it won't harm them. :)
You can buy it on amazon: Amazon.com: Durvet Ivermectin Pour On 250 Ml: Pet Supplies (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000HHOEIU/ref=cm_sw_su_dp)

12-15-12, 08:25 pm
Thanks! Also one more thing haha. It would be a topical treatment right? Beause I've read some different things and am not sure what is what. Which works most efectivley (if there is more than one option)? sorry for all the questions i just don't want to mess anything up!

12-15-12, 08:27 pm
Yes it is topical. :)

12-15-12, 10:46 pm
Thanks so much for the replies! I will be treating Ace and Chester as soon as I can!

12-15-12, 11:36 pm
Whether it's topical or not depends on the type of ivermectin you get.

12-16-12, 01:48 pm
Ok, so will it say or how do I know? I will probably be ordering the kind Aleks put the link to.

12-16-12, 03:15 pm
Ok, so will it say or how do I know? I will probably be ordering the kind @Aleks (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=25470) put the link to.
The kind that I put the link to is topical.

12-16-12, 11:38 pm
Ok! Thank you for answering all my questions! And the links that were posted were very helpful! :)