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12-13-12, 09:40 pm
Hey Everyone! My name is Brittany and I have a question about my Guinea Pig Toffee :,(

She is breaking my heart the way she doesn't move all day. She stays in her house and doesn't come out to eat, drink or do her business! Toffee usually attacks the veggies I place in her cage but lately she hasn't touched them. I figured I'll get her out of her cage so she can spread out her legs and walk. BUT she just sat there. I even used her FAVORITE treats to get her to walk but she wouldn't budge. She sits there with her head resting on the ground with her back legs sorta lifting, but not alot, her butt into the air. She has gotten thinner, I can tell. She used to be my plum little sweetie but I can tell her fatty stomach s gone. Also me and her would communicate through high squeaks and squeals but now she doesn't squeak to me anymore :,( And it breaks my heart to see her like this! I took her to a vet to see if she was ok a couple days ago. I saw a nipple-like thing coming from her stomach but had no idea what it was. Doctor checked her and said it WAS nipple and found another one on her stomach too. He said Toffee is experiencing hormones in her body since he didn't get her spayed and he said she will grow even more nipples. I thought it was wonderful that nothing was wrong with her but everyday she is getting worse! She doesn't walk anymore, she walks so stiffly. I don't know what to do but take her into the vet again but I hate to wait to see whats wrong with my baby. Could someone please tell me whats wrong with my Guinea Pig?? PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12-13-12, 09:49 pm
I would most definitely get another opinion.....I have never heard of ANY animal growing nipples.... Was the vet an exotics vet with cavy experience?

12-13-12, 09:50 pm
No, he was just a Local Vet not an exotic one, he looks at house-hold animals. Could it possibly be a tumor?

12-13-12, 09:51 pm
I've also never heard of them growing nipples.. I would definitely find an exotics vet and get a second opinion.

12-13-12, 09:53 pm
Find an exotic vet that studied guinea pigs, normal vets usually know nothing about piggies.

It'd also be an good idea while at the vets to get the gender checked, males also have nipples. (:

12-13-12, 09:55 pm
You should really call around to other vets and find one with experience seeing guinea pigs. I would be very concerned if a vet told me my pigs would grow more nipples because they aren't spayed. I am not that experienced with lumps and whatnot but it sounds like it could be serious especially if she is not acting normal. Because they are prey animals they tend to hide sickness until they can't any longer.

12-13-12, 10:19 pm
Where are you located. I'm sure that someone here would know of a good exotic vet that know guinea pigs.. Good luck!