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12-12-12, 07:38 pm
I've got my piggies some Christmas prezzies, but I'd like to also get some presents for Boris as well as Honey and Tinker who I'll be picking up tomorrow from the rat rescue.

Here is my cage:

I'd really love some ideas for rat toys, I'm still new to rats having only had Boris for 1 month so am still learning.
Either home made or brought toys. (:

On Christmas morning there will be 8 ratties at my house as I'm looking after 3 girls for one lady and another 2 for someone else while they're on holiday so I'm giving them all boiled eggs and letting them do pea fishing for some nice christmas fun. :P

12-12-12, 07:52 pm
Oh and the cage is 80cm wide x 49.5cm deep x 140cm tall. (:

12-12-12, 11:03 pm
I usually buy my ratties a new hammock for Christmas, but, I see you have several of them. Honestly, your cage is so beautiful, those rats have everything they need. Ha Ha!! But since we want Santa to visit the ratties perhaps a couple of toys they can chew on. I buy little wooden barbells that mine really enjoy chewing and throwing around. I also have several bird toys that they like to play with. Cardboard boxes are another big hit. Oatmeal boxes are a favorite. They love to hide in them and jump out and surprise each other. Then they wrestle each other to the ground. They can play that game for hours on end. A wheel is another great gift, but I see you already have one. You have already given those ratties the best present ever by taking them in and giving them such a wonderful life. No rat could ask for more. I really admire you for what you are doing for these rats. So few people care about them. Thank you so much for being their advocate.
Double Dot, Ziggy and Snowy send Boris, Honey and Tinker a big hello from the USA.

12-12-12, 11:12 pm
Aww! Thank you Kelsie! I guess biggest is best for the piggy cages has got stuck in my head. :P

Thanks so much for the ideas!
I think for Boris the best Christmas gift I can give him are Honey and Tinker. He's been a good boy recovering from his neuter OP these past three weeks.

12-13-12, 05:15 pm
YUP! Oatmeal tubes are great. Just cut around the bottom to take the bottom out and there you go! And maybe it's a good idea to tear all the paper off first too. ;)
I was going to say K-Bob toys, but I see you already have a couple. I was thinking the little ball cat toys that have the bells inside. You can tie a string on one and hang attach it to their cage. I was thinking they might like it and play with it since it jingles.
http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-7101402r200.jpg Or maybe the crinkle ones: http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-9425261r200.jpg

Or, something like this so they can go in and have many exits. It's fleece to keep them warm when it's cold.
http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-12787601r200.jpg http://pet.imageg.net/graphics/product_images/pPETS-3763668r200.jpg
I'm sure you can find these at Petco, Petsmart or any other petstores in New Zealand.

Or a bird's toy. Birdie Bells!

I'm not sure if your rats would play what I just listed... but was just a thought. :)

12-13-12, 05:29 pm
Your cage looks great! Is Boris in there?

We used to fix up our cage to look like that, too. But within an hour those little girls would have it totally rearranged!

Ah, I miss those days.

12-13-12, 07:35 pm
@Mr.Waffles101 (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/mr-waffles101.html) I wish we have those fleece things, But I've never seen them in NZ I guess because its illegal to have pet ferret, you have to get permission :/
@foggycreekcavy (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/members/foggycreekcavy.html)Thank you! Yes, Boris was in there but he was sleeping..I know boys are usally more lazy and laid back then girls, but I think the fact hes lonely has a big part that he's not really out that much (I can tell the difference between him and my girl mice...I have 15 girl mice living together), not even at night so I'm hoping the girls will bring his playful side out.
Haha, Boris must like how I arrange things as he doesn't really move anything around.

4 hours till we're picking the girls up!!

I've made them a Christmas set of the hammocks and level covers I have in there right now and I think I'll get them some wooden things someone in NZ makes..
A wooden tunnel:

And a Wooden 'Dice'

I'm not sure what Oatmeal tubes, but I'll find some cardboard boxes and stuff around the house as well. (:

Thank you all so much.

12-13-12, 07:42 pm
What size of the cubes should I get?

The 150mm High By 150mm Wide By 150mm Deep the hole is 65mm round one or the
200mm High By 200mm Wide By 200mm Deep with 100mm holes

12-14-12, 12:27 am
Boris's 'Christmas presents' are home!!
They're in a RSK cage besides him for the night till I can do neutral ground intros on the weekend.
But here are a few pictures of the girls, Honey Boo Boo and Tinker in the car on the trip home
Honey Boo Boo giving Tinker the evil stare though the fleece

12-14-12, 01:17 am
Boris and girls....so close yet so far...
Boris My Little Sweetie

12-14-12, 12:06 pm
Awwwwwwwwwww! Their gorgeous!

12-14-12, 12:58 pm
GREAT set up!
honestly you've got a rat haven there! I'm not sure if you've got these or not there, but baby links? They're coloured links made of plastic that people use with their babies. My rats LOVE to climb them like a bridge, sit in them like swings, etc.
All 3 are GORGEOUS!

12-14-12, 01:14 pm
GREAT set up!
honestly you've got a rat haven there! I'm not sure if you've got these or not there, but baby links? They're coloured links made of plastic that people use with their babies. My rats LOVE to climb them like a bridge, sit in them like swings, etc.
All 3 are GORGEOUS!

I tired some baby links with Boris...he was to big to use them but Honey Boo boo Is TINY (Because she was neglected before she went to the Rat Rescue.. ) so I think I'll give them another shot with the girls this time. (:
Thanks for the idea! I've seen them around in cages but Boris was always to big and clumsy to use them Lol he is huge compared to the girls!

Boris is a Dove hooded rattie, who is very laid back but loves his food (during play time...he always happens to walk towards the kitchen to the grapes..).
Honey Boo Boo is a champagne Berkshire who is a very cuddly small girl and Tinker is a black hooded with a black circle above her back left leg and a black spot infront of her tail who loves exploring and jumping.

Honey Boo Boo and Tinker use to be called Snowy and Chyna but I wasn't fond of the names.

12-14-12, 03:12 pm
Your cage looks great. Adorable rats!
You can make a cargo net.
Fancy Rats • View topic - HOW TO: Make a Cargo net out of washing line :D with pics :D (http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/community/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=142593&st=0&sk=t&sd=a&hilit=how+to+make+cargo+net)
You can get a small wooden wine rack for them to climb on. You can make some fleece ropes. A dig box with organic dirt. If you can find some untreated sticks (I used aspen and maple) you can put those in the cage or you can buy wooden perches like these
Dragonwood Perches for Small Pets: Toys for Rats, Mice and Small Pets (http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?c=6067+10378+25559&pcatid=25559)
And some tunnels. Oatmeal containers, grass tunnels, dryer ducts, fleece tunnels etc.

12-14-12, 08:13 pm
Thank you mmas4!!

I'm deff gonna try the cargo net!

12-14-12, 10:37 pm
Those ratties are absolutely beautiful. How old are they? I know you adopted them from the Rattie Rescue. Do you have any history on their background and how they ended up at the rescue? I love the picture of them beside Boris. Is he showing any interest in them? He is such a doll. There's something about those little rat faces that just gets me. I don't understand how people can be freaked out by them. So many people say they can't stand the hairless tail. It's no big deal to me. One of the exotic vets I know said if rats had furry tails they'd be the most popular rodent pets around. They definitely are one of the most intelligent. I've read so many stories of rats alerting their owners to fire or other dangers in the house. Rats definitely bond with their owners. I think they are just the perfect little companion. But don't tell any piggies I said that.

12-14-12, 11:03 pm
I know Boris was born sometime in July this year, Honey Boo Boo was born 19th January this year (No back ground info apart from that, came from a bad home with her siblings) and Tinker was born in June this year (Surrendered by retiring good breeder, so she should have hardly any health issues).

Because Boris hasn't been around other ratties for other 2 months now (before I got given him he was in the back of the pet shop) he's very interested in them, but because their foster home had lots of rats they don't really pay any attention to him.

Tomorrow is the big day, I'm so nervous...Rat teeth are razor sharp....great. Any helpful tips for when I do the neutral ground intro in the bathroom?
I'll have them a pea dipping thing set up but I'm so nervous Kelsie how long should I leave them together in the neutral ground if it's going well?

They'll be put into a newly cleaned cage afterwards if all goes well.
The only good news on info I've heard is that Neutered Males and Females are usually the easiest to pair up.

12-15-12, 03:08 pm
Honey Boo Boo was born 19th January this year (No back ground info apart from that, came from a bad home with her siblings) and Tinker was born in June this year (Surrendered by retiring good breeder, so she should have hardly any health issues).

Wow, I must of been half asleep when I wrote that!

The people who surrendered them had gotten Honey Boo Boo from a well-known breeder (apparently, I know of no rattie breeders!), she was born on 19th January this year; Because she was not cared for properly by the people she has not grown to her proper fully grown size unlike her twin brother who the people also surrendered. The people had brought Tinker from somewhere else, she was born in June this year.

I did the intros...went awesome. All three are the big cat carry cage cuddling together in the fleece, I sat down on the ground in the bathroom...I was their favorite thing in the room >.< I couldn't get them off me, once I did I'd stand up then they'd grab onto my legs and climb up. There was no hassles what so ever.

12-15-12, 04:05 pm
@Rodent Cuddles, I'm sorry, I didn't check the forum until this afternoon so I didn't see your post about introductions. I'm so glad to hear that everything went great. I've never had any problems introducing my new rats to the current tenants. Rats just seem to enjoy being with each other. That's so sweet about them cuddling together and then climbing up your leg. Boris must be thrilled to have new friends. I only have three female rats now, but at one time I had nine female ratties living together in a huge cage. They would all pile in together in a large igloo. I always felt sorry for the rat on the bottom. Whenever that rat wanted to get out she would squirm and push the others out of the way. Then she would get a drink or something to eat and go right back into the pile. They just seem to enjoy that close cuddling. So different from my pigs who can't stand to be in the same pigloo. Sometimes when the pigs get to close to each other they look at me as if to say "Mom, she's touching me again". I guess that's why I enjoy both species so much. They each offer so much love, just in a different way.

I'm so sad to hear that Honey Boo Boo was not care for properly. She is now in the right home. Thank you so much for giving her the love that she is entitled to. She will reward you many times over. Enjoy your little rattie family.

12-15-12, 04:21 pm
Naw! Haha, @Kelsie (http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=17564) I can't wait till I have stories about my ratties to tell!
Your ones sound so cute, my little brother just laughed and said what If the other ratties farted onto the poor girl at the bottom? :P

They're still in the carry care as their fleece stuff is drying. I weigh the ratties on Tuesday but just wanted to see if Honey Boo Boo is a small girl...she weighed in at 234 grams and she is 11 months old so I don't think she's gonna grow any bigger. Does that sound like a small girl or normal ? She's a bit boney, Not too much but I'm gonna give her a nice round belly fill by New Years

What is your girls avg weights? I haven't weighed Tinker yet (waiting till Tuesday) but she feels and looks like a normal girl rattie by as much as I know.

ETA: Honey Boo Boo is a very very cuddly girl, I'm so happy that she loves to be held and cuddled as Boris isn't a very calm dude but he'll sometimes full asleep on me then Tinker has lots of energy to spare.

12-15-12, 05:52 pm
@Rodent Cuddles, I can't wait to hear your stories about your ratties.lol My rat Double Dot weighs 267 grams, Ziggy weighs 260 grams and Snowy is a small girl, she's my lightweight at 249 grams.
If Honey Boo Boo is real small, I don't think 234 grams is too light. Females can weigh between 225 - 400 and Males can go between 250 - 500. I've always only had females and most of them have been small. I did have a rat named Sabrina that tipped the scales at 290 grams. She was my largest rat ever. The funny thing is she mothered all the other rats. She always had to make sure where each rat was. If one of them was missing from the sleeping hammock she would go up the ramp to the igloo and look in and once she saw them she would go back to the hammock.
She lived to be over 3 1/2 years of age. When she passed away, I cried for a week. I've always had pretty good luck with my rats living longer than the average. I really think a large cage, and of course proper nutrition and good husbandry, plays a big part in longevity. Just like with guinea pigs, the cages they sell in the petstores are way too small for rats.

12-22-12, 07:04 pm
Wowerz...The second lots of the rats I'm rat sitting got dropped off today...one girl is HUGE like twice the size of my big Boris..

Well, I've been slack with Christmas presents so I just decided to do a cage reorganization with the levels and I was so lazy I didn't even sew them this time....


12-22-12, 07:10 pm
It is a beautiful cage. Do you quarantine new rats?

12-22-12, 07:13 pm
It is a beautiful cage. Do you quarantine new rats?

I didn't quarantine them..

1) because I was just borrowing the RSK cage from the pet shop (for free) for the week-end only
2) Because on the NZ Rat Club forum under intros it says,"unlike America, we don't have to do a 3 week quarantine before introducing our rats".
3) because The rescue I got them from is very reputable and they quarantine their rats when they first get them and I trust them not to give out a sick rat. (;

12-22-12, 07:34 pm
If you were talking that I quarantine the ones I'm rat sitting, they're all in other rooms. Far away from each other.