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12-10-12, 02:54 pm
Hi, Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm Felicity and have just joined the forum. I am semi- retired and live in WA state.
My grandchildren have three guinea pigs..two female & one male. They keep them at my house. we are just crazy over the piggies. I want to build them a new cage. Right now they are in three seperate guinea pig enclosures, the kind from Petsmart. The kids take them out and let them play in a playpen area. I have quite a few cubes, and was thinking of building a 2x5 house for them which will sit on top of a 6' desk. I will also build a loft area. What if anything can I use in place of coroplast for the lower floor? Coroplast is quite pricey in my area and I am on a fixed income so any suggestions would be appreciated.
Hope to learn lots of new info on here. Oh, I also have a rabbitry and breed Lionhead rabbits.

12-10-12, 02:58 pm
Welcome! Some people use a shower curtain for the floor of the cage and lay down loose bedding over it. Do the pigs all play together? If that's the case, is the male neutered?

12-10-12, 02:59 pm
Welcome to the forum! Can't wait to see pigtures!

12-10-12, 03:57 pm
Check your Home Depot-mine carried a large sheet of coroplast type material for just $12. It was in the section with plexiglass.

12-10-12, 05:17 pm
OK thanks for the info, I'll check it out.

12-10-12, 06:36 pm
Here is the link to the sheet:
72 in. x 36 in. x 5/32 in. Twinwall Plastic Sheet-COR-3672 at The Home Depot (http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-202771364/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=corrugated+plastic&storeId=10051#.UMZ_0nfheSo)

You can put your zip code in to see which stores in your area has it in stock-very helpful!