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12-01-12, 05:08 am
name's Nikki I'm 24 and I'm new lol both here and at this whole guinea pig thing. A friend of mine bought 2 baby boys (Augustus and Harold) for her daughter's birthday but she (the kid) ended up being severely allergic and I told her I'd take them the after my cousin found out he brought me another much older and grumpier male named Clancey that his kids didn't like because he's 'boring". Right now the babies are in the cage that my friend bought at petsmart and Clancey is in his own cage on the other side of the room but hopefully I'll be able to get them a big cage or cages (depending on C's attitude) after the holidays.
I've had both ferrets and rats in the past but these guys seem alot different so I'm really just here for any advice anyone can offer so that hopefully these dudes will be happy and healthy with me for a long time

this is Clancey

the black one is Harold and the brown/white one is Augustus

12-01-12, 05:54 am
Ha, awesome names.....
Clancey looks like my Percy pig 37795

12-01-12, 07:10 am
Welcome to the forum! Very handsome boys you have there.
On the home page will be the info you will need to build a c&c cage for your guys. You will need a 2x5 or a 3x5 for your guys. Bigger with boars is always better.
Check out all the great threads on care, feeding, fleece/bedding everything you will need to know about piggies. We are here to answer any questions you may have.
My daughter had ferrets and rats. I had the piggies. Ferrets like to climb as do rats. GP's do not. Some of the diet issues are different. GP's must have unlimited grass hay. Ferrets will kill rats and GP's if given the chance. (We always had to know who was out and who is in cages at our house. My daughters ferrets went after both the rats and the GP's)
This site will give you all the info you will need for healthy happy piggies. Again Welcome.

12-01-12, 07:30 am
Yeah unfortunately guineapigs make for tasty food for....several other things :(

12-01-12, 08:28 am
Welcome to the forum! Adorable piggies you've got there(: I hope you learn as much as I have(:

12-01-12, 01:05 pm
Percy is too cute! and thanks to everyone for being so nice! suzilovespiggie - I'm sooo glad GP's don't climb like rats or ferrets I had the hardest time keeping those rascals in control lol.

12-01-12, 02:38 pm
Percy and Clancy do look alike! Nice lookin' piggies. :)