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11-30-12, 09:23 pm
My Name is Lisa, but I normally go by Soopermum62 on Forums (Soop for short) I have 2 piggies; Both Females an orange and white semi short hair named Flower; she is a little over 1 year old, and Daisy, a longhaired rosetted black and orange with a touch of white she is about 4 months old. They share a a cage and get along very well! I will admit that I bought from a pet store. Both Piggies were very young when I purchased them. (less than 3 months of age) Flower is my grandson's piggie and Daisy is my piggie. My daughter is allergic so when they move out both piggies will be staying with me. I have been reading on the forums and am intrigued by the fleece as a cage material. I am also learning a lot more about piggie care. I have been doing most things correctly--I have had a piggie before. But that was back in the 70's and it was common practice at that time to provide a mineral block for them. I am now seeing that they are not good for them. but I haven't come across the "why" as of yet. I am sure I will. My girls get lettuces, and other greens & veggies daily, (never Iceburg) carrots and a new addition, they LOVE Celery! Their floor time is limited due to 2 dogs and a cat. I know Brandi my Brittany would not hurt them as she can pick up quail chicks and hand them over unharmed.
bu,t Shadow the Golden doesn't have the same soft mouth. Gizmo my 5 1/2 yr old Goffin's Cockatoo oversees that they get fresh hay daily, pellets and he shares his nutriberries and seeds with them. (I'll post a picture one of these days) He feels they are his personal charges as they live in a cage like he does. Flower and Daisy like to lay at the end of their cage nearest to the Turtle tank. I think that is because it is near the basking platform and the Infared heat lamp. Oh did I forget to mention that this tank is 150 gallons and houses 2 female red ear sliders? Scooter and BC they are 11 years old. ... Yes, I have a zoo. LOL!!

Oh we all live in Southeastern Michigan.

11-30-12, 09:27 pm
Welcome! You will definitely learn a lot here on this forum.

Would you mind sharing some pictures of your animal clan, please?

11-30-12, 09:30 pm
Certainly!! I will get the Camera in Gear tomorrow and get pictures of them all!

11-30-12, 11:21 pm
Welcome to the forum :) :cheerful:

12-01-12, 12:42 am
Welcome! And I love your menagerie you got there! Can't wait for the pictures of the whole family :) I really like to see the cockatoo chilling with the cavies, I thinks that's really cool.

12-01-12, 01:20 am
Menagerie is a cool word, it sounds all magical.

01-02-13, 09:28 pm
Okay got the Camera and Computers Communicating! Pigtures below!

01-02-13, 09:30 pm

And Because Requested a birdture of Gizmo the Cockatoo, and Brandi waiting for her bit of Carrot. I was cleaning the cage and the Girls were enjoying Carrots and Brandi loves carrots too. Shortly after this pig/dogture was taken the Grandson gave Brandi & Shadow their Carrots.

01-02-13, 09:43 pm
Oh Ignore the date on the pictures, I had to change the battery in the Camera and forgot to reset the date!