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Elaina Cerabone
11-30-12, 09:10 pm
My sweet guinea pig Snuggles, was first taken to the vet in July because he kept tilting his head to one side. In fear it was an ear infection we took him to the exotic vet and she said the glands inside did look a little larger then normal so it may of been an infection but other then that no signs of one. He was on his antibiotics for 2 weeks. Yet the tilting did not stop.

We began to just think this must be his thing, because we had owned him only for 4 months the most (h was only about 6 months). However, about 1 1/2 months after I started noticing a blue tint to his one eye, within a week it was solid blue tint and he did not seem to show much signs he could see out of it. 2-3 weeks later the other eye started to have a hint of blue where the pulp was. So of course I immediately brought him to the vet in fair he would lose this eye. The same exotic vet told me after dilating his eye there was no ulcers or scratches in them, but they are both very cloudy and one has some slight scar tissue in it. The only thing she could recommend was anti inflammatory to reduce any swelling that maybe present. I did not get this medication for him because she did not tell me they were swollen and that this is something that possible could do nothing.

About 3 hours ago, we heard a fall from the cage and looked over to see he had fallen while walking down from his cage's second landing (where his food is). He went into his house and (like always) when I went to the fridge about an hr ago he came out with his friend for a treat. However, I immediately knew something was wrong, he was walking as if he was drunk and was going to fall over. I took him out of the cage and he began to wave his head around in a swaying position like a bobble head almost. So I placed him on the floor where he sometimes gets free rein of the house to find that he was stumbling, walking in circles, was walking as if on ice -could not stand up straight and kept slipping- and was even losing balance because of this. I let him lay with me as he ate two carrots, his appetite is still great! Also he kept wanting to run around, though very slow, which is another good sign. However, it kept getting worse he actually feel onto his back three times... (thank god on me or on the couch so he was not hurt from it) and even began doing head nods and would not stop (like at a rock concert). He is usually very quiet and rarely makes a sound -perhaps heard him squeak 5 times since may) but he began to keep making squeaking sounds as I let him lay on me. I put him in his own cage so he only has a flat cage and since he kept wanting to run around even though he kept falling over. He ate and drank but is still acting the same. His head movements seemed to have stopped, thank god. Yet, I keep hear him stumbling in there.. it breaks my heart. Vet does not open until another 12 hours and I cannot afford the emergency room for him (only one near me would cost roughly 1,000). I also noticed before I took him out that he has a brownish discharge in one of his eyes...

I dont know if he finally went entirely blind and cannot see. If all of this is because of a URI and the antibiotics did nothing for him or he has a very bad and sudden ear infection. Please him, im so worried about him!!

This was him just two days ago and you can see how he is so happy and playful. :(


11-30-12, 09:20 pm
Please go to www.guinealynx.info the forum there is excellent and they have MUCH more vet experience with guinea pigs!

Elaina Cerabone
11-30-12, 09:59 pm
Please go to www.guinealynx.info (http://www.guinealynx.info) the forum there is excellent and they have MUCH more vet experience with guinea pigs!

Thanks, ive checked that site before. Only slightly clears out an URI. :(

11-30-12, 10:30 pm
My advice would to be to make him as comfortable as you can until the vet opens. You made a smart move to put him into a one-story cage. Make sure he is eating, drinking, etc. Check on him every few hours, and give him some cozy cups if you have them to make him comfortable.

11-30-12, 11:20 pm
I think it's likely an inner ear infection, and sounds quite similar to what I'm dealing with right now with one of my pigs. Ear infections are very hard to treat and you have to remember that by the time you see symptoms, the infection has been going on for weeks or even months. He's likely to need to be on antibiotics for 3-6 weeks and you may have to do a combination of antibiotics or change halfway through treatment to see improvement. Do keep him on a probiotic and consider subcue fluids while he is ill - it really seems to help my guy. Also because some pigs don't tolerate oral antibiotics for such a long time, discuss the option of injectable with your vet.

For tonight, I'd keep him in a carrier and check on him frequently - you want to restrict his movement both so that he doesn't hurt himself when he falls and because it probably scares him quite badly when he does. It's a good sign that he's still eating.

Good luck and please keep us posted!

11-30-12, 11:24 pm
Dizzy-pig! I think it affects them the same way it can us humans.

Vertigo (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vertigo) and such.

12-01-12, 12:22 am
That site has a forum too and they can provide so much more info... Please go get advice there as well!

12-01-12, 12:33 am
I haven't found that forum particularly helpful on this topic, actually. I would encourage you to get as much info as you can, but keep in mind that no forum can account for all the individual factors you are dealing with and the guidance/advice you will get from a competent cavy vet is invaluable.

12-01-12, 01:29 am
this does sound alot like a inner ear infection, all the symtoms besides the blue in the eyes mach up almost identical to my rabbits symptoms. my vet could tell right away tho and imidatly started him on antibiotics. My rabbit didn't make it tho, 7 days into treatment with no signs of improvement i made the choice to put him down and end his pain. My bunny's case was more sever tho in the since that unless he was being held.. he was flipping. making it impossible to eat or drink. this pic was taken the day we toke him to the vet the first time. in it he has the head tilt, and couldn't walk straight a few hours fallowing he started flipping and didnt stop. I dont know if its diff in pigs.. but my vet made it vary clear.. a lot of bunny's dont pull threw and the ones that do are mean and afraid. Do your resurch, learn as much as you can.. id also recommend switching vets, a head tilt is something that needs to be paid a attention to. Keep us up dated, and informed. Ill pray for your piggie.