View Full Version : Fleece This Uhaul Lint is Out of Control!

11-30-12, 04:01 pm
I had some time this afternoon and decided to wash 4 of the 5 uhaul pads I bought (since my Joann's fleece order is STILL processing . . . 6 days after I ordered it.:mad:) Anyway, I cannot get over the lint these things are producing. I have to clean the lint trap midway through the dry cycle. My garbage is full of blue lint. It's nuts! I've washed and dried them twice - should I keep washing them until they stop shedding? I am planning on sewing one uhaul layer between fleece and PUL and possibly putting a "naked" layer under the liner just in case. Will the fleece shed like this when I prepare it too?

11-30-12, 04:05 pm
When I got my fleece, it hardly shed at all. I don't have any experience with the Uhaul pads, though.

11-30-12, 04:07 pm
I bought a U-Haul pad and washed and dried it twice. Due to the material, I don't think it will EVER stop shedding completely so I wouldn't suggest washing it until it stops. The first wash was noticably full of lint, the second was better. This was with just ONE U-Haul pad. Just sew it between two layers of fleece and don't worry about it shedding anymore. More than two washes is unnecessary.

11-30-12, 04:18 pm
Honestly I never use the dryer - i have a drying rack. in the winter the added benefit is the extra moisture in the air. in the summer i hang them out on my balcony to air dry. there's much less lint that way

11-30-12, 04:25 pm
I wish I had room for a drying rack.

The Uhaul pads continue to shed as long as you continue to dry them. To keep them from shedding it's best to put them between two layers of fleece. I am going to add a fleece layer to the bottom of mine, since I didn't and now my link filter is full every time I dry them!

11-30-12, 04:28 pm
You know what? I think I'll skip the naked layer - those suckers need to be fully contained. If I need something else under my liner, I'll use a towel or something.

11-30-12, 04:38 pm
I don't have some of my u-haul pads contained and I've noticed they don't produce the same amount of lint as the first few times. The first few times IS out of control...but it lightens up.

11-30-12, 05:58 pm
I stopped using towels because they get very heavy and super smelly when wet.

11-30-12, 09:02 pm
I stopped using towels because they get very heavy and super smelly when wet.

I found this out 2 i have been using U-Haul pads awhile now sewed inside a fleece liner. Towels were starting 2 get a little bit heavy. When soiled by 4 piggies. Ive never really had issues with lint building up. :D