View Full Version : New here & have a little problem!

11-27-12, 06:16 am
Hi, my name is Lacey and I just got a year old female guinea pig yesterday! She is adorable, I'll attach some pictures. My problem is that I have a 3 year old female Ja - Chon which is a Japanese Chin mixed with a Bichon Frise and she will not stop trying to get to the pig. She whines, cries, barks, growls, scratches at my door, jumps on me to see it when I have the pig out. I can't keep doing this cause it's driving me nuts! I love my dog very very much but she is driving me crazy.

Is there like a way I can introduce them or what do I do? Please help me! 3757537576

Plus, I don't know what to name her. I was think Smores, Peanut, Calico...something cute like that. Any suggestions?

11-27-12, 08:58 am
As for the dog, It really depends on the personality of the dog. If they seem aggressive in any way, I would not introduce them. My dog is very very sweet and old so I allow the dog to sniff Sweetie Belle and Lucy when Im holding the pigs (sweetie Belle really likes my dog) but I dont take the chance of allowing them in the same room when Im not holding the pigs.