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11-26-12, 04:38 pm

I am thinking of getting some new fleece, and I saw some nice micro fleece online. It seems that micro fleece is used in homemade diapers as the layer next to the skin as it wicks away moisture, apparently even better than regular polar fleece.

But I was wondering if any of had any experience of using it before I make my purchase? Is it as durable as regular fleece?

I read the thread on "Fleece types and debates", http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/fleece/20746-fleece-types-debates.html , where it said that it was not great for areas that get peed on the most, but I figure it's the layers underneath that will make the difference there. Also, that was written 6 years ago, and fleece may have moved on somewhat in that time...

Any advice on micro fleece's usability, durability or practicality would be greatly appreciated!

11-26-12, 04:40 pm
I've tried micro fleece, it works well, but seems to attract hay and hair.
The one that doesn't work at all is micro plush, which seems to be waterproof.

11-26-12, 06:03 pm
If you plan to sew it..IMO It is a nightmare to work with.. I have a really nice sewing machine and it was skipping stitches with it.. Other thank that it's thinner and stretches a lot.. I would stick with anti-pill or blizzard. Good luck :)

11-26-12, 08:50 pm
I used it as well.

I HATED sewing with it and like Lissie stated it seems to love hair and hay more.
I agree with Peewee, stick to anti-pill and blizzard, both are wonderful to work with.

11-26-12, 10:14 pm
I've used it as bedding, not sewn to the liner underneath and my personal opinion is it SUCKS. It's a nightmare to get hay/poo off of and it's also not very soft, which is of utmost importance here. I'd just stick with blizzard/glacier/anti-pill.

11-26-12, 10:21 pm
Agreed! I have two liners I made for the kitchen area and it just happened to be with some micro fleece I had left over...awful! It also stays wet longer, I'm not sure if it doesn't breathe as well so the U-Haul pad isn't drying or what. And yes, everything sticks to it!

11-26-12, 11:52 pm
I tried using some just a couple days ago and it just didn't seem to be nearly as absorbent as anti-pill. My piggies have never been wet before when I picked them up and they were a bit damp with it. Too bad, the pattern was so cute!

11-27-12, 02:09 am
Thank you so much! Looks like it's anti-pill!