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07-19-05, 03:11 pm
I'm new to this forum. Having read a few posts, in particular one named "I'm going to buy a guinea pig", I suggest that any posts that have swearing or abuse on them, not only should the member be banned but the post should be removed. I belong to a chinchilla forum and this type of unfriendly banter is not allowed to happen simply by removing the post and locking the thread before it gets too heated. I know people are entitled to their opinion, but I thought the main purpose of these forums was to get info, not for people to vent their anger at others. I'm not a snob but would not like my 10 year old child to be looking over my shoulder when I've been reading some of your members posts.

07-19-05, 04:07 pm
For one this is tecnicaly (sp?) a family oriantated forum. When there is swearing it is removed as soon as it's posted. WE do have some heated conversations on here but never so heated that it's threatening. We just try and get information out there, even if it takes some "heated" words.

07-19-05, 04:19 pm
We do the best we can. I have 2 children myself (10 and 7) I personally will not tolerate swearing and name calling on the forums, neither will the other mods.

Members who break those (or other rules) receive warnings. if the do not heed or "2 strike and you are out" rule they are banned.

Sometimes discussions get heated. I know that on many forums everyone is expected to get along and be sweet. This is a different type of forum. The owner, mods and most of the members never think it is okay to breed, show, neglect, abuse or inappropriatly house animals. We also do not support buying anything, especially animals, from pet shops or breeders.

With these types of ideals and morals people get very worked up when someone comes on and blatently ignores the standards of this forum. I for one am unwilling to stop the members of this forum from loudly stating their opinions on these matters. The only time I step in is when things get personal or downright rude.

Some forums can fool themselves into thinking they have a perfect world within their "walls", but it is really apathy. If there is one thing I hate it's apathy. I'd rather see people refuse to be shaken from their firm moral stance even if they upset a few people doing it.

07-19-05, 04:27 pm
The moderators here do moderate the threads and remove offensive curse words. If the member has gotten out of control, they are banned. Very heated discussions are moved to the kitchen forum where the motto is "If you can't stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen".

Have you read our rules? We do have rules about these things here on this forum. They can be found here. http://cavycages.com/forum/announcement.php?f=27&announcementid=7

Sometimes we have members who ask for advice then refuse to listen and some members do get heated because they are passionate.

07-19-05, 04:31 pm
I personally will not tolerate sweating and name calling on the forums, neither will the other mods.

Teh he

07-19-05, 04:33 pm
What does that mean amfeider?

07-19-05, 04:39 pm
I think it's because I said sweating instead of swearing...off to edit...nice catch Amfei...and it is a funny mistake.

07-19-05, 04:50 pm
Ahhhhhhhh, I didn't catch the "sweating" either. Too funny. I can see how well I am doing today!

07-19-05, 05:35 pm
I have not seen a bunch of swearing, the mods may be catching it, or else the language is pretty controlled. But I appreciate it that the discussions are not removed from the boards after banning. I looked up post history on two banned members and it helped me understand what they were banned for and how the forum operates.

If the mods had just removed all the threads, I wouldn't have understood why people do get banned here.

I monitor my kids' usage pretty carefully, and I wouldn't let them hang out on an adult board where the language is unacceptable to me. But I don't mind it if they see that people get passionate over their beliefs. In fact, I want them to see that.

07-20-05, 10:08 am
Sorry but to me someone saying your little b*****d or f**k might as well say the whole thing and it is abusive and un called for. I didn't realise you were an adult only board and apologise and will try find a more family friendly forum.

07-20-05, 10:15 am
Linda.b, I think you should reference the threads you seem to have a problem with. We are NOT an adults-only board. Over 13, are allowed without parents permission, under 13 WITH parents permission.

If you want a more family-friendly forum, hand-in-hand with that will be a breeder-friendly, animals-are-objects, less-than-correct information forum. But, yes, your sensibilities might like it better. There will surely be lots of smiley faces as well.