View Full Version : C&C What to do with piggies!

11-25-12, 04:04 pm
All my C&C stuff arrives on Tuesday and I will be building somewhat of an apartment complex for my 3 sets of piggies.
I have an old store bought cage I can pop my 2 boars in while I build but I have a pair and a trio of sows living separately within the same bookcase/cage.
Due to the size I'm going to have to move their old residence out of the room so I have space to build the C&C. There is no space for it to go anywhere else in the house.
Any ideas what I can comfortably and safely do with them for how ever long it will take me to snap together and furnish 90 grids?

11-25-12, 05:16 pm
Will you have extra grids? I just used zip ties to make a playpen for my new girls while I got their cage ready and used a vinyl tablecloth with a fleece blanket on top.