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11-25-12, 12:59 am
Lori here. We are a family of four who live in the lovely city of Seattle, WA. Our boys are 19 & 13 and have been cavy slaves for about a month now. We researched cavies for over a year before specifically going to a rescue to adopt. We have adopted two English sisters, Moonbeam and Autumn (shown in avatar), who were subjected to life at a daycare. Now mite-free and spayed they have joined our family, daily doses of love are reciprocated and they have fit in quickly. As I have a home-based business as a tax preparer and I homeschool (now only the 13 yo), we and the girls spend lots of time together.

We have a 2x3 C&C cage that is towel/fleece-lined with a couple of cuddle cups and a hidy hut. We also have a round floor pet run lined with a tarp and cotton comforter that gives them a large space to play all day, lots of different tunnels (depending how the comforter falls around the edges each day) and toys. Of course they always have lots of hay, organic food and daily vitamin C!

So far they still run away when attempting to pick them up, but are less dramatic about it. They get nightly cuddle time with myself and my 13 yo son which they and we love. They especially love to have the tops of their feet massaged. Inter-species communication is very exciting to me and I feel honored to have this opportunity. It is a very special thing when they also try to mimic and try to communicate my way too! Ok, I am in love and a total cavy slave. :love:

This site has been a wonderful source of information and I look forward to getting to know all of you and your dear cavies!

11-25-12, 01:54 am
Hai! Glad to see you have fallen in love with piggies! I was meant to get my guinea pigs in August but I just got mine yesterday.... I am in love! Once I get a good picture of them, I'll put it in my avatar, anyway, welcome to the forum!

11-25-12, 08:38 pm
Welcome! This is a wonderful resource to learn more about piggies.
We lived in the Seattle area for 4 yrs-LOVED it! You are so lucky :)

11-25-12, 09:00 pm
A warm welcome from one Seattle guinea pig lover to another. Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do.

11-25-12, 09:06 pm
i grew up on the west coast-
3yrs in san francisco
9yrs in seattle.
i'm almost thirteen now, IN NJ!!!!!!!!!!!!
i miss seattle so much! you'll love this forum! it's just like seattle- friendly people who know how to smile in the rain!

11-25-12, 09:46 pm
Another Seattle-ite here! lol

Welcome to the forum. Your guinea pig certainly sound loved!

11-25-12, 10:05 pm
Hello! Welcome!

Just a note--English pigs are called Americans here in the US!

I homeschool my kids, too. Now just my 16 year old. My 18 and 20 year old are in the Running Start program at GRCC. I love homeschooling!