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11-24-12, 06:20 pm
well it all started about 3 months ago when I adopted 2 guinea pigs (girls) from a local store and Momday just gone I opened the hutch to find 5 furry gorgeous little babies looking at me!
i was shocked and assumed as they were both girls that mum must have been pregnant whe I adopted her - my other 'female' seemed jealous of the babies so I took her out to give mum and babies some time alone

it then struck me that maybe I should check my other one is a girl as that was quite a long pregnancy - and oh blimey it's actually a boy,,, well now what!
Originally I was looking for homes for the new babies as I don't have room for 7 guinea pigs but over the past week I have got too attached to let any of them go including daddy pig - so instead compesation from the store who did this I got 2 new hutches and I have decided I will keep them all so I don't have to part with any!

Will it be ok to introduce dad and the boys together when older?
Amd mum and girls will be kept separated obviously.
pleasee learn from my mistake and don't trust what they tell u - always check - this is a lucky escape really as mum and babies r doing just fine, but it all could have ended in tears


Colorado Cavies
11-24-12, 06:28 pm
Sadly it's a pretty common problem with pet store pigs. And I really hate to tell you this but sows can get pregnant within hours of having their babies. So it's very likely that mom is already pregnant again. You will need to keep a very close eye on her. The boys can all go live with dad at 3 weeks, thats when they need to be moved to avoid any more pregnancies.

Also 'hutch' makes me think of outside so I thought I would ask. Are they inside or out? We don't recommend outside housing for a number of reasons. I'm also curious how large they are since you have so many pigs they will need to be very large. You can check the front page for a guide on how big cages need to be for the number of pigs in each cage.

Good luck!

11-24-12, 06:36 pm
before the babies were born mum and dad had a free run Nd the hutch was always open so needn't worry about the space they have and once babies r older they too will have free roaming obviously boys n girls will b Kept apart.

sadly I am aware that she could already be pregnant again and it breaks my heart as I do not agree with breeding! And I know the high risks involved especially back to back pregnancies!

i will keep an eye on mum and see how she goes but as mothers come she has been perfect! Done a fantastic job the babies r lovely sized and all done so well!
thank u

11-24-12, 06:38 pm
They are inside as I worried about the cold making my pigs ill even mum and dad were inside prior to this!

Colorado Cavies
11-24-12, 06:47 pm
That's good then. ^_^ I rescued a bunch of pigs from a breeder, all back bred, we lost two, one of them was with us almost 2 months before dying in my arms one night. It's hard but hopefully yours is young enough that she won't have the problems Mama had. She was around 2 or 3 and had been bred her entire life so she was facing a much steeper hill. If you can find a good vet in your area I would get everyone in for a well piggy checkup just to be safe. That way they also know a bit more about you and your piggy if mom ends up needing some help later on.

11-24-12, 07:02 pm
Yeah she is only just over 6 months bless her - I hope she isn't but I do know its highly likely as well although she seemed very protective over her bubbas and wasn't letting dad anywhere near them lol
So I'm hoping she was like that after the birth,

my mum always rescued piggies and that's why I though ill do a good deed and adopt two piggies who have been chucked in the rehoming bit for silly reasons and then look what happens - oh well I'm just glad they're all well and they're all staying with me!

Thank you ill keep u all posted with mums nearby future
Is there any tips u can give me as I've never personally dealt with baby guinea pigs before - I'm sure I have 3 boys and 2 girls.

thank u

11-24-12, 07:42 pm
You can definitelty introduce dad and the boys when they're at three weeks old! It's important to seperate at 21 days, or else mom can get pregnant again.

If the dad was with her after giving birth it's likely she's pregnant again.

You must weigh all the babies daily, and record the weights. Anyone not gaining weight needs extra time with mom to nurse.

Mom had 5 babies and only two nipples.

Unlimited pellets to everyone except dad and make sure you provide some parsley or something higher in calcium while mom is nursing and babies are growing.

Unlimited hay is always a must.

11-24-12, 08:55 pm
I'd love to see some pigtures of the babies if possible. Good luck with your newborns! lol And you must make sure to give them Alfalfa-unlimited. Dad can stay on timothy.

11-24-12, 09:59 pm
DIDDO on the pictures!