View Full Version : Liners Making lap pads/waterproof liners?

11-19-12, 02:11 pm
I want to try making some, but what is the waterproof layer in the middle?

11-19-12, 02:32 pm
You can probably choose from any of these.
ProCare (http://wazoodle.com/index.php/fabrics/waterproof-barrier-fabrics/procare.html)
Babyville PUL Fabric-White Pul Solid : utility fabrics  : home decor fabric : fabric :  Shop | Joann.com (http://www.joann.com/babyville-pul-fabric-white-pul-solid/zprd_11117264a/)

To get a better idea on how they perform, check on cloth diaper forums.

11-19-12, 03:21 pm
I just use vinyl table cloth. I've had mine since may, they've held up just fine. Izzy decided they are the most delicious thing in the world and she chewed holes in them, so I made more.

I just took a dollar store baby blanket and part of a dollar store table cloth, sewed them together, turned right side out, sewed shut.

The new one I made is as follows: 1 layer of fleece, 1 layer of bating, 1 layer of tablecloth, 1 layer of bating, 1 layer of fleece, all sewn together. I wash them once a week and put them in the drier.