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11-18-12, 01:51 pm
Hey,im worried about my guinea pig squeak i think she might he pregnant. Shes started to get fat but her belly is firm so i dont think its just fat ill put a piture up and if you could help me that would be great.

11-18-12, 02:06 pm
If you can answer some questions, it will help us to help you. How old is she? When and where did you get her? Is she being housed with a male, or was she at any point in the past?

11-18-12, 02:12 pm
It wont let me put up a piture at the moment so sorry, ill tell you more about her shes started to drink loads and eat loads, she has also become very lazy.

11-18-12, 02:16 pm
shes 14 weeks old and i got her from pets at home and i got her with another guinea pig their both females but their was another one there but the woman wasnt sure if it was a boy or a girl so i didnt get that one i got the two she said was girls. i got her one month and 2 weeks ago.

11-18-12, 02:26 pm
So the last time she was possibly with a male was 42 days ago. She could be pregnant if the other one was a male. Gestation is 59 to 73 days. Without knowing how long she was housed with the male, there isn't really any way to tell how far along she is. If she is pregnant, she could give birth anytime in the next 3 weeks. Has she been to a vet? I would start there. You can also gently slide your hands under and around her belly and see if you can feel the babies kicking.

11-18-12, 02:32 pm
she hasnt been to a vet yet and i have tryed to touch her belly but she doesnt like it when i push slightly on it she aqueaks at me and trys to get away.

11-18-12, 02:36 pm
Please get her into an exotic vet as soon as possible. If she isn't pregnant, it won't hurt to have a checkup, and if she is, you will need to have a vet that you can call should she or the babies have any problems during or after birth.

If you can give your general location someone may be able to help you find a vet that treats gp's.

11-18-12, 02:40 pm
I know a vet she will she her, she had to put my otheir guinea pig down so she nows me so ill see her. thanks

11-18-12, 03:23 pm
Take both piggies with you to the vet and get her to check them both, especially check they're both girls! Pets at home are terrible at sexing their pigs correctly.

11-21-12, 08:58 am
I know they are girls i checked them and looked online how to sex them and pictures came up so i know they are both girls.