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11-16-12, 05:52 pm
I've been noticing my little Stiles has been sneezing. I got him a couple days ago, and since his background is from a pet store I've been a little worried about him. I'm not sure if he was just getting a little cold in his cage, so I made sure to put something under it to raise it off the floor. He seems to be doing okay besides that. I've been letting him get used to me buy giving him veggies, and he finally discovered that pellets in his fooddish were actually really good. ;) I think he's even been starting to catch on that hay tastes pretty good.
Should I keep an eye on him for a couple of days before trying to get in touch with a vet? My friends wanted me to introduce him to their piggies but I don't want him getting any of them sick if he turns out to have a cold or something. :(

11-16-12, 05:58 pm
Sometimes Guinea Pigs just sneeze, I would take him to the vet though just to make sure he doesn't have a respiratory illness/disease and to have an initial checkup since you did get him from a pet store.

11-16-12, 09:06 pm
Start weighing him http://www.guinealynx.info/weigh.html to make sure he's not losing any weight. He is young? He should be gaining weight. If he loses at all you should take him to the vet.

Also watch for any mucus from the nose, or drainage. How do his eyes look?

It's not a good idea to take guinea pigs on "play dates". Especially if they are different genders, since mating can occur in seconds. Males usually want to assert their dominance over other males, and can get into some pretty serious fights.

A better idea would be to get your guinea pig his own same gender companion to live with. Check out the rescues and shelters in your area.