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05-21-03, 04:43 am
Do you want to know anything about this country?!
I am from Russia!
Heare you can see our pigs;) .......
Welcom to XXXXXXX

07-06-03, 08:30 pm
Actually it's funny you as. As of right now I'm reading the Russian Chronicals.....old Russian history all the way back to the land of Rus.

Loved the Pig page!!!!!

07-12-03, 09:46 am
Welcome! Are you a breeder? Wondering from from the photos. What's the guinea pig situation like in Russia?

03-05-04, 02:48 pm
Your piggies are very cute. My dad speaks fluent Russian but were origanaly from Lithuania.

pet krazy
08-18-04, 08:17 pm
[QUOTE=Katesol]Do you want to know anything about this country?!
I am from Russia!
Heare you can see our pigs;) .......
Hello Russia! I wish I could read Russian as your site looks very interesting. How many piggies do you have? They all look beautiful . .Is it cold there now? I live in Canada and it is not a very nice summer we're having in Ontario .

08-18-04, 08:34 pm
Hello! Are you a rescuer? I also wish I could read Russian, though I'll try to find some way to translate the page...

02-23-05, 06:19 am
Hello!My name is Daria.
May be my english is bad-please,forgive me!
I am from Russia!
Today i have 7 cavies-1Koronet,1Texel,4Silkies and 1.....i don't know how it will be in english.
I am a young breeder.....
Here there are my cavies-http://bakteria.fotoplenka.ru/

02-23-05, 06:24 am
Oh......i forgot to say......-Merino is my dream!Every second i think and dream about Merino.....unfortunately russian haven't Merinos ..........
Do somebody speak on russian?
May be you know somebody who can export Merino?
It is my dream!Help me!!!!!!

02-27-05, 05:54 pm
Sorry, I know only a few russian words. And the website doesn't display any cavy pictures, only a lot of russian text... I don't know where to go from there.

As for export, I wouldn't recommend exporting a small animal from one country to another. Just think of the transport which would probably take several days. We do have Merinos in Germany - check this list: http://webring.parsimony.net/webring1498/liste.htm
Maybe you'll find someone who can help you.

02-28-05, 07:38 am
Thank you!!!
Russian is very difficult language..=(
My name is Даша.
Cavies - морские свинки.

02-28-05, 06:26 pm
YOu shouldn't breed. Are there any rescues near where you live?

03-01-05, 05:53 am
I don't know....we have some breeders with cavies from Check,Belgiun,England-but they have not Merinos....
I wrote Carolina from the US, but the price is unbelievable for me.I can't pay for cavy(1)150$.....it is so sad!!!!!

03-01-05, 05:55 am
May be you know people that are going to visit Russia..............H.....E.....L.....P!

03-06-05, 05:04 am
As I said... try writing to a few East German breeders. They are more likely to speak Russian and travel to Russia than us "Westerners". :)

cavia porcellus
06-15-05, 03:45 pm
Estonian offisial breeder is Seelion, ask them, if you want a rex guinea pig. Estonia is near to Russia, so it isnĀ“t far and prises are cheaper too. www.seelion.ee (http://www.seelion.ee)

06-15-05, 03:52 pm
are Merinos the Guinea Pigs with the really rough and curly looking hair? Like a sheep?

Slap Maxwell
06-15-05, 05:29 pm
Merinos are a crested texel. They are not recognized in the US.

01-05-06, 08:40 pm
Hi Dasha. I can speak Russian but I live in US. Your piggies are beautiful.

06-11-06, 05:51 pm
Hallo, I'm from Moscow, Russia.
I'm a breeder of guinea-pigs.
Breed: Peruvian, Skinny, Shelty, Satin Texel, Satin Crested.
(Link removed by Mod)
Truly yours, Anisiya.

06-11-06, 11:45 pm
Sorry Anisiya, this is an ANTI-BREEDING forum. You are not allowed to peddle your pigs here or advertise your breeding websites. You are also not allowed to have an avatar that is for your caviary. All links pointing to your websites have been removed from this thread and from your profile. I also removed your avatar. If I see any of them back, I will ban you.

06-18-07, 11:41 pm
Hi!!! I'm from lithuania too and I live in Lithuania!!! where do you live? Can you still speak Lithuanian???I'm soo happy because I thought I was the only one from Lithuania!!!

06-18-07, 11:44 pm
ninga1026, I'm from Lithuania too! How are you? where do you live now??Can you speak Lithuanian?nice to meet you!

06-19-07, 07:12 am
Please pay attention to the dates on the thread. This thread is over a year old and should not have been reopened.