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11-11-12, 06:27 am
hi everyone! just want to take a minute to introduce myself! im ashley, 25 years old, im from louisville kentucky, married to my sweet heart for 6 years, we have two beautiful boys! and 4 piggies! we love them like family! i jioned here beause i recently adopted 3 females and need some advice! these poor girls are soo scared! they dont want to be held they hide all day long! and i dont know what to do :( my 3 year old male, lenny, is so social and gives me kisses, im not used to oiggies that act this way. please if you have anynadvice to give me please message me, i greatly appreciate it! and look forward to getting to know some of you!

11-11-12, 08:10 am
Hi and welcome. I recently adopted 2 older very shy ladypigs who obviously haven't been socialized or loved. The best thing is time and patience. My boys i adopted 1 year ago when they were 6months old and it took around 6 months of talking, petting, laptime, tasty veggies and a whole ton of patience for them to be the loud bubbly cuddly pigs they are today. Just spend time letting them get used to you. My ladypigs have been with me 2 weeks now and one of them has only just started coming out of her hideys while i am there even if shes desperate for a drink.