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11-10-12, 10:43 pm
Hello everybody, Im new obviously and my name is sandy i own 2 guinea pigs there names are Bubbi and Krptona. Bubbi is quite "special" because she has balancing problems from a recent ear infection she had. Krpytona is a hyper skittish pig. I keep them separated since i didnt want Kryptona bullying Bubbi because of her ear infection and ive tried bonding them again but Krptona just keeps nipping at Bubbi:/ but ill keep on trying

11-10-12, 11:19 pm

Are you trying to treat the ear infection?
How are you introducing them? How big is their cage?

11-11-12, 12:31 pm
Yes we treated the ear infection. I've tried introducing them in a neutral territory. There cage is a 2x4 with a 1x2 loft but its spilt in half. I try switching the sides the stay in the cage so they can get used to each others scents again.