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11-09-12, 10:31 pm
I can NOT cut coroplast. It is seriously a fail. Help me please! Tips and hints appreciated! :)

Cassidy Yeary
11-09-12, 10:37 pm
I can NOT cut coroplast. It is seriously a fail. Help me please! Tips and hints appreciated! :)

use a ruler and a box knife and if it helps pencil it use a long sharp razor ask someone to hold it for you to

11-09-12, 11:19 pm
Yeah, definitely measure and mark the coro before you even come CLOSE to it with an edge. Measure twice, cut once, as my dad says (and probably everyone else's dad, too)

X-acto knives/box cutters help a lot too. You have to go slowly though. Don't try to rush it.

11-10-12, 12:20 am
I had to have help. But don't worry about being super precise and getting the lines perfect where you need to score it, because it won't end up mattering once you have it folded and taped.

11-10-12, 04:59 am
I bought a metal yard stick that I use as a guide. I mark with pencil first. I keep my hands on the yardstick so it doesn't move but always have my left hand higher up the yardstick than where I'm cutting so I don't slip and cut my hand. I've had three saw accidents while cutting shrubs and trees (one required a trip to the emergency room for stitches) so I've learned my lesson about where to place my left hand. Make sure your utility knife blade is sharp. Adjust the blade so it will cut completely through the coroplast when you work on the cuts that need to cut through the layers. Shorten the blade when you want to cut through a single layer. When I need to move the yard stick but haven't finished cutting, I keep the blade tip in the cut, move the yard stick and continue cutting. Otherwise, it's often hard to find the place where your blade was. I take my time and cut very slowly. Another trick is when you cut along the length, make the cut in between the ribbed lines and not on or over them. Your crease will be neater if you do that.

11-10-12, 04:59 pm
You can also use a caret knife (and box cuters as already stated before) to cut it. Just don't press all the way through, though.

11-10-12, 07:10 pm
I cheated and ordered both of mine as kits, pre-cut.:shhh: