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11-05-12, 09:58 pm
Hello, can you help me please we are having trouble with our 3 male guinea pigs. The area they live in is 120X55CM and they live inside, i clean the cage every 3rd day and its fresh hay. They are fed fresh veggies 2 times a day. Every night we let them out for 10 mins to play on the carpet.

A little while ago the younger one and the older one were fighting (middle age one is very placid and never gets involved), they bit each other all over and i had to separate them. The younger one got an abcess but lucky baytril cleared it up.

After 1 week i reintroduced them and they seemed fine, yesterday (1-2 months later), they were fighting a little but it seemed harmless.
We went shopping and came back and found the younger one with 1 small and 1 large double punture bite, but the older one, i found him with 1 bite and his outer front toe bleeding and broken. We rushed him to the vet and had to amputate the outer toe. It cost me $680!

Now the younger one even with cleaning with salt water i think his bite on the neck is turning into abcess, i have him on baytril and will monitor.

I am running out of money and time to care when they seems to always really hurt each other, i am wondering if this is likely solved with a larger house (ive ordered same size but double story today), but i dont want to risk them hurting each other as they have costs as so much in vet bills.

I dont want to leave the young one separated by himself as i think he will be lonely, but he is the trouble maker, any advice is appreciated, thanks

Colorado Cavies
11-05-12, 10:08 pm
I think your cage is just too small. I'm not great at math but I think thats a fair bit under whats needed for 3 pigs, plus they are boars.

11-05-12, 10:11 pm
What is it with guinea pigs and going for the feet? My boys are also fighting and also biting feet. I just had one of my guys, Eddy, bite the youngster's foot, Buddy, and give him a nice, nasty, pus filled infection. The solution I have come to, after spending $80 dollars to get medication for this foot problem, is just to let them live side by side. They seem happy this way. Both Buddy and Eddy will cuddle through their grid wall but they cannot get close enough to hurt each other. They like to "talk" to each other and they like to each their veggies within eye sight of the other but I don't want to see them keep hurting each other. All of this went down at the beginning of last week, the infection set in on Friday and I have had Buddy on antibiotics since then. It's looking better but I think I'm going to have to go back for a second dose which means more $$.

After all I have gone through this last month I don't think it will be worth it to reintroduce. Just let them live side by side. Maybe you could try to work with a rescue to get a 4th piggy to live with one of the males to have even pairs.

EDIT TO ADD: Yeah, your cage is much too small it needs to be at least 70 inches or better yet 84 inches long to have all those boars live happily.

11-06-12, 01:49 am
Ok so i think doubling the size should be big enough.

But should i risk putting them together even with double the size? They have cost me over $1000us in vet bills in 3 months!!!

11-06-12, 10:32 am
It's possible a larger cage would help. You need a larger cage at any rate.

However, sometimes there are personality conflicts between pigs that go beyond the normal dominance posturing. How old are your boys?

11-06-12, 02:23 pm
Oldest maybe 3-4 year, middle 2-3 and young 1-2. I never knew such a small animal would be so costly lol