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11-02-12, 03:14 pm
Morning fellow guinea pig lovers!!

I am all new to not only owning guinea pigs but to all the forum posting and stuff as well.
I have two little girl guinea pigs, Lulu and Trix :) and they are the most wonderful additions to our family. Our girls are full of spunk and are real chatterboxes, they come from the same litter but are two totally different personalities and looks (one short hair and one straight long hair, plus one has dark eyes and the other ruby red eyes lol).
I'll post some piccies soon so you can all see how beautiful they are lol
They were an instant part of our family, we can sit and watch them for hours - quite likely to leave my in a trance haha, they mesmerise me that much :love:
I just can't believe that I never owned guinea pigs before this.....

11-02-12, 03:18 pm
Welcome ! (: your pigs sound so cute.
looking forward to seeing your pigtures! :D

11-03-12, 05:32 am
Welcome to the world of piggies! So glad you found us. Check out all the great info that is here.
We have a great community here that loves and is very passionate about guinea pigs. We are here for any questions that you may have. And yes, we love pictures! Looking forward to sharing with you.

11-03-12, 04:14 pm
thank you so much for allowing the opportunity to look through your site, its nice to have a guide to get to know my little piggies a little better....

11-03-12, 04:23 pm
Welcome! nice to meet you!!!

11-03-12, 06:58 pm
thank you, nice to meet you too!!