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11-01-12, 09:20 pm
I just want to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all the experienced guinea pig owners who post in this forum. When I started considering adopting a pair of pigs, I did a lot of research and found so much great information from this site. I've never had guinea pigs before, but I did have a hamster. Hamsters only live 1-2 years, and that was too difficult--I wanted something that I could enjoy more and that would be with me longer.

I finally got my two boys, Umlaut and Ampersand, a couple days ago, and I could use some advice. They are about a year old and extremely skittish, which I know is normal, and I'm trying to get them used to me, which I know takes some time. The issue is, their nails are quite long and need trimming. But they are so squirmy that there is no way I can do it yet. I'm wondering if anyone has advice on this. I'm really not comfortable with how long their nails are. Should I wait and hope they get used to me enough that I can give them a trim (and let the nails get even longer in the meantime...)? Or should I take them to a vet who is more experienced with guinea pigs and see if she has better luck? I don't know if I should take them to the vet so soon for something like this, or if I should let them settle into their new home a bit. I adopted them from a shelter about an hour away, so they had a long car ride to come home with me, and I feel like they could probably use some time to get comfortable... but I don't know. I worry that it could make them more anxious. I would appreciate some advice!

Nice to meet you all. :)

11-01-12, 09:31 pm
Welcome to the forum, and congrats on your new piggies!

When I trim my piggy's nails, it takes three people. I trim the nails, my mom holds her in place, and my sister feeds her some veggies. If you feel comfortable cutting your pigs nails, I would say to try it. If that doesn't work, going to the vet would be a better option than letting their nails grow out too long.

In the long run, cutting the nails at home will definitely be cheaper than going to the vet. :)

11-01-12, 09:37 pm
welcome! :)

as far as the nails, mine are pretty squirmy, too, plus i'm extremely nervous about cutting their nails, and i would recommend getting someone to help you. i hold a pig firmly against me (and offer them food, usually) to keep them still while my mom cuts the nails. i pet them and talk in a soothing voice to try and keep them calm. my pigs are pretty much used to me, though. yours will definitely be more comfortable if you give them a few days to settle in before coming at them with nail clippers, and they won't grow THAT quickly, so perhaps you can trim them after you've had them a week or so? i know my girls' nails were pretty long when i first got them too but i put off cutting them for a week and they were fine.

good luck!

11-05-12, 09:06 pm
Thank you for the thank you! And welcome to the forum.

If you can find someone to help you with the nail trimming, try for just a foot a day. This is less stressful on you and the pigs. But if they are really long and you are worried about it, go ahead and take them for a nail trimming at the vet. They will most likely want to charge you for a full visit and exam the first time, but after that it's not as expensive.

11-06-12, 02:34 pm
I appreciate all the advice! I think for the first time trimming their nails, I will go to the vet. I'm kind of nervous about it anyway, since Umlaut's nails are black. I'm just hoping they don't hurt themselves in the meantime! Their nails are already quite long. My hope is that in the future I will be able to do it myself.

I'm just happy that they're getting more used to me--at first they wouldn't come out of their pigloos at all while I was in the room. They're still skittish and hate being picked up, but they will at least come up to me now and take veggies out of my hand. lol

11-06-12, 03:58 pm
Just had to say that, as a writer (and a stickler), I love your piggies' names.

11-06-12, 09:57 pm
Thank you! I'm a technical writer by trade, so I'm quite the grammar nerd myself. Not your typical pet names, I know, but I thought they would be cute. I sometimes call them Zoomlaut and Scampersand, the way they scurry around. :p

I'm excited because I saw them popcorn for the first time during floor time earlier. It was hysterical!

11-06-12, 10:54 pm
If you really have trouble doing their nails you can take them to an exotics vet to have them trimmed. I pay $11 for my guy and it only takes a few minutes. I can't even get to his nails to trim them because he bites and also I am diabetic and i don't have good eyesight so I feel safer having the vet do them.