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07-15-05, 06:29 pm
I am hopefully going to be getting a giant bunny this summer some time, I would like to keep it in doors but I don't have any more space in my room for the size of cage it needs and my gp boys are currently taking up what space I do have. I was hopeing that if some one could help me with some of there ideas for an out door space/run that would be just as good as being indoors but maybe even bigger. I know that s/he should be inside and such but I just don't have the space.
--If a picture or a list of materials could be also included that would be a bonus

so if anyone could help me with ANY ideas in regards to this situation, then that would be great!

thanks ----tinkerbell

PS- if any one has an idea of what I could do with the little space I have in my room or whatnot let me know to. I currently have a 2x4 C&C cage for my gp- any idea to mix them together or to have them take up the same space?

07-15-05, 08:00 pm
If you do not have the space to keep a rabbit in the home, do not get a rabbit. Rabbits need to be in the house. Can you build a rabbit cage under the guinea pig cage? have a 2 x 4 bunny cage with the guinea pig cage on the top. Like this http://members.aol.com/pcfBunRab/neatcubs.html

07-15-05, 08:15 pm
I do have the space in the house but it has tobe in my room! (yes at 18 I still live at home) that is a really good idea though, I like it! thanks I think that I will try that.
What size should it be though? is 2x4x2 high okay for a big bunny?

07-15-05, 08:25 pm
don't you thik also that a 2x3 is not big enough for that guys 5! gp's?

07-15-05, 08:30 pm
It's MUCH too small. (for the GPs not a rabbit)

07-15-05, 08:44 pm
I do have the space in the house but it has tobe in my room! (yes at 18 I still live at home) that is a really good idea though, I like it! thanks I think that I will try that.
What size should it be though? is 2x4x2 high okay for a big bunny?
I only have little bunnies around 3lb each and they share a 2 x 5 which is 2 high, seen here. http://www.cavycages.com/photos/showphoto.php?photo=3294&password=&sort=1&cat=500&page=1

07-16-05, 10:36 am
is a 2x4x2 okay then for a big bunny? or should it be a 2x4x3(high) ? what kind of extra support am I going to have to have for the shelves because of there size too. do you think that a PVC pipe would work as a support?
thanks everyone!

I think that the person that did that one cage from that site that Furkidsmommy gave me didn't know what he was talking about because he said that he made an extra large gp cage for his friend with the left over materials and it was only a cage that was a 1x3. Right after that he said that is was so big for the gp that there should have been two! Someone should contact him and tell him about this site! Ido like his idea though of putting one on top of the other.

07-16-05, 11:38 am
The shelves in my cage have cup hooks screwed into the ends (4 in each end) and then the shelves hook into the grids. How big a bunny are you getting?

07-16-05, 03:04 pm
okay- I think the adult weith of the bunny that I'm getting is somewhere between 15-30lbs (?) I'm not 100% positive yet. would it be better for me to look into getting a smaller one? ( I love the lopear kind)

07-17-05, 04:10 pm
why dont you get a holland lop i'm pretty sure they are about 3 to 5 pounds.

07-17-05, 06:06 pm
Of you have to see these rabbits, http://www.rabbitrescue.ca/adoption/malerabbits.html
name honey, Smudgie. And Angeline http://www.rabbitrescue.ca/adoption/femalerabbits.html
There are so many cute bunnies.
If space is premium you may want to stay with a smaller bunny. If you visit any rescue you can get an idea of the size and type of rabbits available and I am sure you would find one hopefully two to suit. (remember bunnies like to have friends also).

07-17-05, 06:13 pm
I would love to adopt from there! some of those bunnies are soooo cute :) do you know where they are located? I live in the K-W area of Ontario, Canada

07-17-05, 06:17 pm
ohhh i just want to take them all home ... why in the world would someone just dump their sweet little bunnies in a park or backyard to die... it makes me sick

07-17-05, 06:32 pm
There contact page is here http://pages.zdnet.com/thecampingchef/rabbitrescueca2/id2.html
hopefully you can get to one of the foster locations.

07-17-05, 07:43 pm
okay thanks again Furkidsmommy! I just e-mailed them with a request to go to one of there fostor homes so we'll see what happenes.
did you adopt from this place?

07-17-05, 08:27 pm
No, I'm in Texas and adopted from a rescue here.

07-18-05, 07:56 am
oh that's cool. I didn't know that was where you lived- neat!

07-18-05, 12:07 pm
Ok the standard for any rabbits cage, is that the bunny should be able to hop fully twice before it reaches the end, and the rabbit should be able to stand up on its hind legs without touching the top of the cage. If you are putting the bunny outside ( i really dont agree with it but youre going to do what you want) the cage HAS to be large enough for the rabbit to excerise. If you just want a bunny to have one, please rethink your plans. Plus rabbits live for 10 years, at 18 you dont know where you're life will take you. Maybe hold off till you have the space and know how you're life is going. But at any rate, the biggest cage is best, dont just do a min. space layout.

07-18-05, 12:09 pm
I also dont want to come across as rude but I do rescue here and deal with these issues everyday. I do wish you best of luck!

07-18-05, 07:28 pm

Well, I like that fact that you are a conserned person but let me make it clear that now the rabbit's not going to be out side all the time. only on nice days (not to hot, windy and ect) but on nice days were it can be on the grass and get some fresh air. and only when I'm home too. Also I do know where my life is headed, but thanks for the consern. I am going for a vet tech at RidgeTown College but firtst going back to high school for another year to take more chemistry. I curently work at the Tavistock Vet clinic (my home town), I am the Kennel person and assistane to any thing else that they need done- not going to go in to detail for fear that I might cry over some of the things I have to do. I am not just getting a rabbit becasue "I want one" either. I would like to help rescue one if I could. I love that fact that you are a very conserend person and I would kiss you for being such a look out for the animals! (*KISS*)

I really don't think that you should have to worry about me being responsable or not takeing care of it. I know how long they could live for and I am willing to spend all that time and money on the animal all though out it's life. ( I have recently just spent a little over $450 on a vet bill for my family cat that went in to renal faliure after a spay and that was after getting the staff dicount too! I also pay for all the medical bills for our house holds other animals too- another cat that has crystals, a dog that get allergeies in the summer, two fish tanks of fish, plus my two boy gp's Melmen and Joey which I take in at least every 3 months for check ups and to get their nails cliped) I am also the oldest of 4 kids and have been the one that does every thing for them all their lifes with two full-time working parents in the house. not to mention that in 2000 my mom had breast cancer and her and my dad were in and out of the hospital for over 15 months with surgery, kemo and radiation.

I'm sorry if this seems like an attack back at you but I take it very hard when someone says that they don't think that I am responsiable enough or they don't think that I can do something well enough.


07-19-05, 07:37 am
Nope doesnt seem like an attack, I appericate your feedback!!! I hope you find a bun that you can love! Best of luck!

07-20-05, 04:13 pm
thanks Kimberly for your help and your insight on rabbit's. After alot of thinking though I have come to the conclusion to not getting a rabbit right now. In a way you were right. I am going away to school soon and with working two jobs right now and not having alot of free time I think that it would be best for me not to get a rabbit right now. thanks alot though

07-21-05, 10:37 am
Well I think its great that you thought it through all the way. I am sure that when you are ready you will find that perfect bun to love. Best of luck with school!

07-21-05, 03:55 pm
thanks! I think that with your advice I will be able to find a rabbit that is right for me when the time comes.