View Full Version : Wood Pellets/Chips Question?

11-01-12, 09:00 am
Hello, I did a search for those wood stove pellets and am alittle confused as far as which ones are safe. I checked into my Tractor Supply and Agway and they have a couple of different kinds...Currently I'm using an Equine Pine pellet-I was using Yesterdays News but it doesn't go very far. Anyhow-gotta run out so I was wondering if there's a specific brand that I could look for?
Thank you!!

11-03-12, 08:18 pm
Do NOT use cedar! Pine isn't a good idea either! I prefer aspen wood or the CareFresh brand. That's really the only information I can give you on shavings. Good luck! :)

11-03-12, 08:22 pm
I have used wood pellets before.
They worked great. But I found them to be too heavy.

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