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10-31-12, 11:00 pm
Greetings, please welcome Evie and Laney. 2 very happy and active girls with totally different demeanors. Evie the darker lady was our second piggy. She is 5 months and just hit 2 lbs. She is very assertive, she loves full body rubs, bellpeppers, popcorning and leading when her and Laney play chase.

Laney is our little princess. She has and always gives kisses, licks and cuddles around our neck. Wheras Evie prefers the lap facing the TV. Laney has never been aggressive with us but we have to be careful with Evie. Laney is 3 months and 1lb 8oz. Her favorite treat is grapes and fresh corn on the cob. Laney is also open to new food ideas and is usually the first to try a new treat.

The girls currently live in a c&c cage. 7ft long with a double upstairs bedroom. They each have their own edible timothy hay bed lined with a hand towel that they usually sleep in. They love chasing each other and jumping from bed to bed. Sometimes they just enjoy jumping in one bed just like a kid!

Just wanted to introduce our lovely girls to everyone. If they could get on here themselves Im sure Laney would be the one stuck typing all this while Evie reluctantly dictated to her.. lol

10-31-12, 11:08 pm
Heres a few more pics.. :)

10-31-12, 11:08 pm
They are very cute and their personalities make them sound so funny! Welcome to the forum :)