View Full Version : Has anyone made a cage for a giant rabbit.

07-15-05, 12:03 am
I am getting a 7 wk old flemish giant rabbit next week sometime. I want to make a cage for one. Should I do it in a 2x4 or a 2x5 if I can. The rabbit will be out most of the time while we are home. At nights or not being home the bun will live in the cage. I am gonna try to do a 2x5 cage size and hopefully I can since the guinea pigs cages took majority of the wall space. I just have enough to do a 2x4 or 2x5.

07-17-05, 07:46 pm
I am looking for the same thing. How high are you going to have it. I was thinking about 3-4 high because of there size?

07-17-05, 07:53 pm
I spoke to my friend who is riding out with me. She has a flemmie and he is in a 2x4 cage and 2 high with a top on.

07-17-05, 07:58 pm
okay but can they stand all the way up and stuff? just wondering. and I was thinking of putting my gp cage on top, you know so they then take up the same amount of space maybe you could do that too. One thing though, do you think that maybe the whole cage thing would be waobbly? (sp)