View Full Version : Was wondering...berries ok?

07-14-05, 10:31 pm
I was wondering if it was safe to give G-Pigs blueberries or raspberries (small amount) as a treat? I grow them fresh and organic, thought they may like some. As long as they not cause diarrhea or something. I could not find any info specifically on this online. Thank you. :0)

07-14-05, 10:37 pm
their okay as an occasional treat but my piggies dont like them

07-14-05, 11:04 pm
I have no idea if mine will...I was worried about giving them diarrhea. Thought I would be safe then sorry, and check first! Thank you for your reply. :0)

07-15-05, 01:33 pm
Raspberries are fine in small portions daily while blueberries are best fed in small portions 2-4 times per week. Small portions = 25 grams or less.

07-15-05, 07:21 pm
Thank you! I actually feed some blueberries today. They gobbled them up fast! Thank you for your reply. :0)