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10-21-12, 11:12 pm
New update on Blu..

He has had Cardio Myapathy for a while now, I give him meds 2x daily. But lately he has been making a very strange noise, the only way I can describe it is imagine an actual pig breathing and it's all raspy sounding.. Well I was worried maybe he was sick. So of course I took him to the vet, the vet looked him over and said that his trac sounded congested. So he prescribed him an antibiotic. I took him to the vet for another check up and he still wasn't better, so the vet prescribed him something stronger. After another 2 check ups he still didn't sound any better, so an X-ray was taken.

Blu has phneumonia, it's all throughout his lungs and I guess it's really bad.. He is now on another higher dose antibiotic. Hopefully it will work. Now with his heart condition, during the X-ray the vet noticed that his heart was very large, if you don't know what cardio Myapathy is it mainly means your heart will tire out and start falling apart. Blu, luckily, isn't to that point yet but he is going much faster than what the vet would like..

My main reason for written this is I want blus last little bit to be the best it ever could, at some point in time he won't feel well and I just want to know what I can do to make his last bit the best possible..

Thanks, Carina

10-22-12, 08:04 am
Sorry Blu is ill, and I hope the new medicine works. With pneumonia, especially in a heart pig, giving the medicine by nebulizer is often better than oral antibiotics. You can find pictures and instructions for building a nebulizing chamber over at Guinea Lynx. I think I'd want to try that if I were you.

Also, heart disease can usually be managed pretty well in guinea pigs. There's also a lot of good information about treating heart conditions at GL.

For anyone who may want to read about this, the condition is cardiomyopathy -- a thickening of the heart muscle in which the normal muscle tissue eventually is replaced by scar tissue. People and animals who have it often have excess fluid in their lungs because their hearts don't work efficiently.

10-22-12, 09:28 am
Is he on lasix?