View Full Version : Spell Checking?

07-14-05, 09:09 am
Does your forum software have spell-checking? I know many phBB boards do offer it. I notice you request good spelling and grammar, so just wondered if that is available. It might help.

Yes, I know that people can spell-check their own text before posting, and this is not a criticism, I appreciate all this forum offers!

07-14-05, 12:49 pm
This board isn't a phBB, it's a vBulletin. It says at the bottom. An example of a phBB is Guinea Lynx.

07-14-05, 09:05 pm
Yes, thanks, Sabriel; that construction was intended as a contrast. Sorry it wasn't clear.

07-15-05, 04:42 am
I don't know - I think you shouldn't just depend on a computer to correct your spelling. The only way to learn how to spell is to look up words in a dictionary.

07-16-05, 06:48 am
We had a previous member ask for this and I think T and the mods said no because he didn't follow the spelling and grammar rule himself. But it looks like you have lovely grammar :)

Slap Maxwell
07-17-05, 05:25 pm
If you need help use an online spell checking device or MS Word. I do that when I have trouble with my spelling.