View Full Version : Bedding Anyone use Arm and Hammer bedding?

10-21-12, 09:22 am
I saw this at the store today. A big bag is $15 and it looks like all the other plant fiber based beddings like Carefresh, but I'm sure they mix in their baking soda with it.
Seems like a good deal since I will only be using it in their hay box and one corner. There are no reviews on Amazon, so I'm looking for anyone's experience with it. Thanks!

10-21-12, 09:45 am
Interesting. I have never seen this, but am adding a reply so that I am notified when someone else comments :)

I use carefresh in the hay boxes, and would love to know if this is an alternative. I am guessing it would absorb odor nicely. I have an overly sensitive nose, so I am quite interested in this. Would be also great in the hamster cage.

10-21-12, 10:05 am
Ive heard of it, but personally have never tried it. I use carefresh Advanced Odor Control in my litter boxes. I believe it has baking soda added to it.

10-21-12, 11:05 am
I'd be hesitant with the baking soda. Is it just thrown in with the bedding or is it actually incorporated into the bedding? You wouldn't want the pigs licking it or eating it.

10-21-12, 02:16 pm
I'll look at the package closer next time I go. The only thing I see online is the ingredients: Cellulose fibers, Arm & Hammer Baking Soda.
It says it's the same stuff as CareFresh.

10-21-12, 02:23 pm
If it's mixed it that's probably not a big deal, i'd just be worried about them eating it. I'm sure baking soda would mess with there sensitive system nicely.

10-21-12, 06:58 pm
I use the care fresh with baking soda and it seems fine, the odor control is fantastic!

10-21-12, 07:06 pm
Carefresh is great, I used it with my hamster. I haven't used it with pigs though, and I likely never will. I'm too much of a sucker for fleece.

10-22-12, 05:48 pm
I agree . I love fleece, I use the carefresh in the litter boxes since all of my girls only pee in the boxes.