View Full Version : Genitals How can I tell if his sac needs cleaning?

10-20-12, 06:33 pm
Only had our piggies three weeks. Been waiting for them to get comfy. So I trimmed Chocolates nails and thought, oh, I'm supposed to clean his sac, right? But he's only a year and a half, and I also read that the younger boars don't need it as much, less likely to get impacted, etc. and don't want to stretch out the sac.
I did extrude his penis and there was nothing there to clean or anything. Felt around the sac (externally) and seemed like nothing was there.

So how do I know if there's gunk in there w/o doing the whole mineral oil/qtip routine?

10-20-12, 07:19 pm
I clean my boar who is around that age at least twice a month, if not weekly. Sometimes it's clean, sometimes I pull out some disgusting wad of hair and hay and ick.

Plus, it gets them used to it, incase they need it when they're older.

10-20-12, 08:52 pm
At a year and a half, I would really not expect that he needs cleaning. Also, the more active that he is (lots of running floor time) the less likely as well. By feeling around externally you can tell if he's ever getting impacted.

10-20-12, 09:45 pm
Oh he's active! He's quite the popcorning jumper! He hops on top of the stool I have in there for a hidey! And runs here and there at play time and in the cage.

10-21-12, 01:49 am
My two year old needs it often, once every week or two. He's never been impacted but he's very territorial and flips it open and scoots around all the time, picking up hay, bedding, fur, and anything else in his path while making everything else stinky. He will run around and popcorn sometimes but you will most often find him rumble strutting and scooting around his cage, or during floor time, my carpet (thanks Sparky). I guess it just depends on the pig!

10-24-12, 07:10 pm
when donig what is the best thing to use? I had heard/read various things mineral oil, coconut oil, and the vet suggested water. I had the vet show me how to do it.