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10-18-12, 01:46 pm
I have had Snuggles, my male guinea pig since early 2009. He lost his sweetheart, Tweety, to unterine cancer about 6 months ago. I adopted two more females, Pita and Blackie for him (he is neutered). But sadly, Pita mysteriously died last night. I have joined this forum to get more information about guinea pigs. I've read several books on care of guinea pigs but I feel it might be better if I talk to people with experience.

10-18-12, 02:03 pm
Hello :) Welcome to the forum. Sorry to hear about Pita. Did she have any symptoms prior to her passing? Laborious breathing, diarrhea, or anything?
I have found this forum extremely useful because it's always good to speak to experienced owners, and there's some specialists on this forum too e.g diet specialists, so it's been majorly helpful when it comes to looking after my little ones! I'm sure you'll find it the same.

10-19-12, 03:12 am
Welcome to the forum! I am so sorry for the loss of Pita.
We have a very good piggie community here and the very best info available on the web. Take some time and read all of the great threads.
Any questions, we are here for you.

10-19-12, 11:57 am
Welcome Santini3956!

I am sorry of the loss of Pita :(

10-19-12, 08:16 pm
The only thing I noticed with Pita was she seemed a bit bloated in the abdominal area. I didn't think too much of it, I guess in the back of my mind I assumed she had gained some weight. But recent internet searches have told me that a bloated abdomin can be from liver failure or other internal problems. Poor Pita. She was so sweet and friendly. She squeaked the loudest whenever she heard me bringing in groceries. I always had celery for her. Maybe the sudden dose of banana was too much?