View Full Version : Hirap mag hanap Unli Hay sa metro manila.. pwede kaya toh?

10-17-12, 06:20 am
May malaking bukid sa liko na maraming Damo
kaya sinubukan ko toh

haha gusto naman nila.. pina pakain ko din ng talbos at kangkong.
anu sa tingin nyo? bagong owner lang kasi ako.
ito GPS ko oh3572435725

may hamster din ako.. pwede kya pagsamahin?

10-18-12, 09:50 pm
uo nga eh,.><,.taga san kba bro?,.taga marikina ako,.

10-19-12, 02:02 am
Any way this or future threads could be in English? Thank you. Adorable pigs.

10-22-12, 05:09 am
markojen13 and astrea Hi, Filipino here too. :) Welcome to this site! You could also join this Filipino GP lovers group on Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/groups/144918272206630/). The group, however, is pro-breeding, which this site strongly opposes. So advice lang: This forum and the Guinea Lynx (http://www.guinealynx.info/) site is still the most reliable site there is about GPs. Mas marami kayong matututunan na TAMANG pag-aalaga ng piggies dito. :)

Be careful with the grass. Bawal ang cogon grass or kung ano-anong damo lang, kasi makati yung ibang grass. Best you can find in our country is wheat grass. Bermuda grass is a bit okay too.

Btw, if you need a vet that specializes in GPs, Vets in Practice (http://vetsinpractice.multiply.com/) is the vet to trust. Doc Nielsen Donato of "Born to be Wild" TV show on Ch. 7 works there and specializes in exotic animals.

Hope this bit of info helps. :)

markojen13, your piggies are cute!

10-22-12, 05:10 am
By the way, you can order guinea pig beds and tunnels here http://pinoypetcuddlecup.webs.com (http://pinoypetcuddlecup.webs.com/) :)

10-22-12, 09:19 pm
wow,.salamat sa tips^^,.very much appreciated:)