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10-16-12, 05:34 pm
I'm new here, but I've had guinea pigs for about 3 years. We currently only have one but I've been watching the local shelter to get my girl a new friend since our other piggie past on a few months ago (RIP :C)

I've tried to upload a photo but I'm not sure if it'll post. Either way our pig's name is Iniki C:

10-16-12, 05:40 pm
Welcome to the forum! You have a very cute piggie there!

10-16-12, 05:59 pm
Welcome to the forum! That's a very beautiful piggy you have there!!! The look on her face is priceless!

I'm so sorry about your lost piggy. Getting your girl a friend is a great way to honor her! I hope you get Iniki a friend soon.