View Full Version : Diarrhea Sudden onset Diarrhea: Sugar

10-12-12, 08:12 am
Sugar has suddenly developed diarrheah. I'm giving her poop soup made from the boys droppings and critical care mash. Anything else I can do?

Chuzzle does not have it. I'm thinking Sugar's gut flora is a bit messed up due to the Baytril she was on. She was doing so good too :( Her sore is all healed up and everything.

10-12-12, 08:54 am
I have her on my lap wrapped in a towel and she's shivering pretty bad...breathing is shallow too. :( No openings at the vet this afternoon...

10-12-12, 09:08 am
How about an emergency vet? Is she eating anything?

10-12-12, 09:11 am
There's only one vet in town. and there's no openings. I called. Trust me...She's not eating she's not drinking..I'm feedng her water and poop soup from the boys cage through a syringe as well as critical care mash.

10-12-12, 09:13 am
Is the poop just water, or does it have some shape to it?

10-12-12, 09:22 am
Just brown water. :( I gave her some more water/critical care and more leaked out of her butt..

it's real stinky too

10-12-12, 10:09 am
Take her to the vet. This is not a time to ask for an appointment. This is the time to walk in and say, "My guinea pig is going to die if someone doesn't treat her now." Write down the URL for Guinea Lynx (www.guinealynx.info) and let them look up what they need to know, or as if they can call somewhere and consult with an exotic vet.

If she survives until after you get out of the vet's office, give her a probiotic, which I hope she's been on the whole time she was on Baytril. If you can't find Bene-Bac, go to a drugstore and get human acidophilus or kyodophilus capsules -- just make sure they're the kind with no dairy in them.

Don't wait -- go now. And let us know how she's doing.

10-12-12, 10:25 am
Yeah I have some non-dairy based pro-biotic I'll put some in some dechlorinated water and syringe feed her right now. She's not showing any physical signs of dehydration, her skin is firm, her eyes are bright and her mouth is moist at least, so my syringe feeding her water is doing something.

10-12-12, 10:33 am
Anyway Packing her off to the vet. a sub Q of Ringer and maybe some more critical care..

10-12-12, 12:25 pm
Luckily, Sugar stopped eating within the 12hr window so her gut didn't shut down. The vet gave her some SubQ fluids, and a shot of Vit B to stimulate her appetite, and just told me to keep doing what I was doing.

I managed to get a few strands of hay into her as well as some water/probiotic mix. so that's a good sign. Now it's a wait and see. She also suggested feeding her a little bit of banana to bind her up. So I'm trying that too...

10-12-12, 02:39 pm
The banana can "bind her up," but the sugar in it can loosen things up again. I think I'd just stick to hay and pellets until her GI tract is working normally again.

10-12-12, 02:51 pm
Ok. I'll stick with that. I'm feeding her pellet mash once an hour and trying to chase it with some hay and a little bit of water. Tonight is gonna be the telling point I think. I hope I caught it in time. Last night, her poops were normal, she was eating, and drinking. This morning it was like all hell broke loose in her GI tract and blammo. I mean when I say sudden I mean SUDDEN. It's so crazy how fast these little critters can turn. *sigh*

10-12-12, 06:45 pm
My husband put her in a crate with a magic bag (inside a ziploc bag) a towel (over the magic bag) and then put it under his desk where he has a small electric heater. That way she's nice and warm...I fed her some more and it seems like she's having difficulty swallowing :(

10-12-12, 07:53 pm
Don't get her too hot. Unless she's underweight or a skinny, she's just a ball of fat and fur, and they can easily get overheated. If you've got some sort of thermometer you can use, check the heat where she is. It shouldn't really be above the low 70s.

Keep checking her and watching her closely. Weigh her daily, and if her weight drops significantly, then get her back into the vet. Syringe her the water and probiotic if she's not getting it any other way.

10-12-12, 08:26 pm
She's still not really wanting to swallow the food. I put a bit in her mouth then I wash it down with some water. Gonna be a long night

10-12-12, 08:56 pm
Is she drooling? Or have you noticed any problems with her either picking food up, or chewing it?

10-13-12, 06:41 am
She has not even swallowed anything. She's drooling it out. She has zero swallow reflex left. She hung on through the night, but she's breathing really heavy. She's not long. If she doesn't either improve, or give up by lunch time I might have to take her to the vet and send her over. It's the kindest thing. :( I dont' want to though. She isn't chewing, she isnt swallowing, I put a piece of hay and she just lays there I mean she is completely lethargic. I can put her on her back and she doesn't fight it. I've been around animals enough to know when it's the time. :( My daughter is devastated.

10-13-12, 07:46 am
Update: Still not doing any better...she's hanging on by a thread. I try to give her some water but it dribbles out..she just has no swallow reflex.

10-13-12, 09:02 am
I'm so sorry you're faced with this. I know you'll make the best decision for her.

10-13-12, 09:13 am
She didn't even last 5 minutes when we got to the waiting room. :( My daughter is decorating a cardboard box for her as I type this. I know I tried my best to keep Sugar going... :( Chuzzle is going to need a new friend eventually, and neutering the two boys isn't in the budget so I figure we'll look to adopt another girl in the future. Until then I'll love on my daughter and love on Chuzzle as much as I can. *sigh* At least Sugar went while being held by the person she loved the most. My daughter.

10-13-12, 09:33 am
I'm sorry. It sounds like it was something really seriously wrong in the digestive tract.

10-13-12, 10:11 am
I gave Chuzzle some pro-biotics just in case. She's eating she's drinking she's pretty fat and happy-ish but she was Sugar's cagemate so yesterday after I took Sugar out and put her in the hospital cage I put Chuzzle in a crate and gave the cage a good scrub down with vinegar and water. I figure a bit of pro-biotics in the belly won't hurt her all things considered.

10-13-12, 11:07 am
Yeah, defintely give it a good cleaning. Something set her GI tract off. I'm sorry you had to go threw that.

10-13-12, 12:32 pm
No worries. Sugar was not put in with Chuzzle after the big scrub down. I kept Sugar in the hospital cage and Chuzzle in the home cage. I also washed my hands very well between piggies. (I usually do anyway)

10-13-12, 06:51 pm
I'm so sorry to hear that Sugar passed away. My thoughts are with you and your family.