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10-10-12, 08:24 pm
So, iv been on the forum for awhile, and most of you know my piggies... well a few days ago my cat of 10 years excaped out of the house and was hit by a car. I have been devastaded.. and my mom hates to see me cry..
I have been menchaning to her that i want to get a rat or two for last cuple munths, but she never gave to go ahead so i never properly looked into it. Well, to day she comes home with a rat she adopted from the humain socity when she got off work.. dont get me wronge.. i already love the rat! but it was really bad timing, if anyone could help me out or even direct me to a fourm like this one.. only for rats that would be grate!

what kinda food do they eat?
can they have baths (he stinks!)?
is a buddy good or bad (hes a boy! will that matter)?

and im sour more Q's will come XD

okay, evey one meet adolf!!

10-10-12, 10:07 pm
I've never had rats, but I've done a bit of research. I love Goosemoose Pet Portal - Index (http://www.goosemoose.com/rfc/index.php) for my rat research. Its stance on breeding is more lenient than here, but still not fond of BYB's or extremely irresponsible breeders. I've learned a bunch from them about feeding, cage, cagemates, and all of that stuff.

10-10-12, 10:20 pm
Rats like guinea pig are highly social and benefit greatly from having a friend, and like with guinea pig lots of bad foods for them exists but luckily you can easily make you own home made and health dried mix for them, this forum Rat Forum (http://www.ratforum.com/index.php) has a lot of info and is set up like this GP one so you have to read around the different posts to find every thing

10-10-12, 10:31 pm
Here's one that I'm one.. The Rat Shack • Index page (http://www.ratshackforum.com/forum/index.php) Used to have rats.

10-11-12, 06:55 am
I like fancy rats
Fancy Rats • Index page (http://www.fancyratsforum.co.uk/)

I fed my rats shunamite
Fancy Rats | Information | The Shunamite Diet (http://www.fancy-rats.co.uk/information/guides.php?subject=shunamite)
Though subees, rat fan club diet and a good quality lab block (like Oxbow) supplemented with fresh foods is also good.

They can have baths. Keep them to a minimum. Rats are clean animals and usually don't need to be bathed though sometimes they can get messy and smelly.

They are very social animals and do best in pairs or groups.

10-11-12, 07:27 am
Hey, I've never had a rat myself but my sister and several of my friends have rats.

Rats can pretty much eat anything to be honest. You dont have to worry about their diet nearly as much as guinea pigs. For snacks anyway. Im really not sure about pellets

As for friends, they love to have a buddy around :) They are also social creatures, so if you cant get a friend for him, make sure to give him lots of love and cuddles

You can give them baths, not too often though, and some rats hate baths.

10-16-12, 02:28 pm
Wow he's cute! I don't know much about rats, I wanted a fancy rat before i got guinea pigs but the parents said no rats but let me get a guinea pig instead.

I just had to tell you he's cute! I was browsing the forum and saw this thread and looked and couldn't resist an awwwww

11-04-12, 01:57 pm
My daughter raised rats for many years. Ratsrule.com is a great site. There is a great recipe for making your own mix of food. Your rat is adorable. I love rats also. Still have a giant 4 story rat mansion in my spare bedroom. They love to climb and sleep in fabric cubes. keep us posted on your rat adventures.

11-04-12, 02:55 pm
just wanted to say that Adolf is adorable!!

11-04-12, 03:51 pm
Awwwww cute

11-04-12, 04:41 pm
I used to have a bunch of them all females. They do much better in groups. As far as food they got lab blocks and pretty much whatever I was eating that was not toxic. Rats in the wild are opportunistic scavengers and generally eat whatever they can find. My two oldest lived to 4 1/2 (Alice) and 5(Boo). I lost both of them to tumors but they did both well exceed the typical rattie life expectancy. Alice had a large mammary tumor that never caused her any pain and Boo had a tumor in her throat. Neither were candidates for surgery because of their advanced age sadly.