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10-05-12, 09:43 pm
Just got my new pigs about 2.5 weeks ago xD
Emma and Joan are both girls living together as they seem to get along fine at this stage!

These past nights they have been making a constant rumbling noise at night that sounds like brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ><
Any idea what that could be?

10-05-12, 09:48 pm
Welcome! You have some pretty pigs!

Brrrrring is a sound of displeasure means they are annoyed and are telling the other pig to leave them alone..i think. (:

10-05-12, 09:57 pm
Ah thank you. I thought so too because it didn't sound like a purr to me. However they seem to get along fine, I've never seen them fighting. They follow each other around when they have the free run of my room, and squeak really loudly when separated xD As they are still young, they popcorn a LOT in their cage :)

But they seem to make a lot of noises at night :( I sleep in the room, and therefore could always hear one of the pigs rumbling, and the other one giving tiny squeaks in the pigloo at night. D:

10-05-12, 10:13 pm
Just checking, you are sure that they are both females, I'm not 100% sure but It could also be a thing males do when they do their dance? Someone please correct me on this if Its wrong.
Where did you get them from?

10-05-12, 11:12 pm
therefore could always hear one of the pigs rumbling, and the other one giving tiny squeaks in the pigloo at night

If one pig is trapping the other inside the pigloo replace the pigloos with hideys that have two entrances/exits so no pigs can get trapped. Fleece forests are good, or snuggle sacks or just a tunnel would be better then a pig getting trapped. (:

10-05-12, 11:35 pm
Very unfortunately I got them off a petshop :( That was before I read about all the horror stories regarding them. D: Haven't bought anything from the shop again since then, and will not again. But since I already have them I'm going to care for them as best I can.
Pretty sure they are both females though. I do have a long history of caring for other members of the rodent family xD

What you mentioned could probably be it :p I bought 2 of those snuggle sacks from etsy, and they should due to arrive soon! Hopefully the pigloo will last till then. I've tried adding another cardboard box to the cage before, but I find that they chew it far too much so I took it back out again!

10-05-12, 11:47 pm
Step stools are great too. You can also cable tie an extra grid to the top of the cage in a corner and use it to drape a piece of fleece over to make a cave of sorts. Cute piggies by the way

10-06-12, 12:00 am
Your piggies are so cute! Love their colors!