View Full Version : Can anyone tell me about rats?

10-04-12, 09:42 am
So my live-in boyfriend really wants to get a pet rat and I really knownothing about their care or how good of pets they are. Can anyone else clue me in a little?

10-06-12, 01:08 pm
Rats make wonderful pets. Like Guinea Pigs, they do better in pairs or even multiples. They love to play together and they will definitely sleep together. I've had rats for years and it's the greatest thing to see them all curled up together sleeping in a hidey or a fleece sleeping hammock. They are relatively easy to take care of. Probably the majority of people feed them the rat chow, but I make my own rat food, following the recipe of Debbie Ducommon, from the Rat Fan Club. In my opinion my rats seem to live longer and do better with the homemade rat food. It's not necessary though. Many rats live happy and healthy lives with just regular rat food. Oxbow makes a rat food, but when I tried it for my rats years ago they didn't like it. As far as housing, rats need large cages, just like GPs. However, rats like to climb so a cage with multiple levels is best. Martin Cages make beautiful rat cages. Don't put them in a aquarium. The air circulation is terrible in a closed in tank. For bedding I use Carefresh. I clean my rat cages completely, washing them out with vinegar and water and refilling the carefresh bedding, once weekly. If you keep the cages clean there isn't any odor. As far as whether to choose a male or female, that is a personal preference. Obviously, with more than one rat you need to have the same sex. In my 20+ years of owning rats I've only ever had females. The male rats can get quite large and I like the smaller rats. However, the female rats are usually more active and aren't as content to sit on your shoulder or in your lap, as much as a male rat will. Male rats are just more laid back. I definitely don't feel that you can go wrong with either sex. They are great little pets and you will spend hours interacting with them.
I hope I answered your questions. Please feel free to PM me if you have any other questions or would like more information.

11-28-12, 09:30 am
Kelsie said it all! Girls are fun to watch, and not so hot about cuddling until they are older. Females suffer from tumors more so than males. Males are more laid back, and love to snuggle up, and take soulder rides. Males however have massive testicles, unless you neuter then, and this is a problem for some people.
I run a rescue for rats in Ontario, Canada and there are SO many in need of rescuing, so consider adopting! There are some GREAT rescues all over the US as well!
Make sure you've got a nice BIG cage, like GP's they need lots of room, and you can usually find a ferret nation cage on kijiji for not a lot of money, a half of a ferret nation is good for up to 3 males, and 5 females. Females run on wheels day and night and amles love their ham,mocks!
Rats make wonderful pets!

11-28-12, 09:50 am
I strongly prefer males to females myself, but the difference between the two is amazing and very consistent. Males do tend to be more cuddly while females are more active.